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Please don't forget to change the sign on the map. This is the front door for many people who have saved it to their favorites and if they don's see an announcement there they may just move on to the events being held elsewhere.

Thank you
I'm aware of the announcement banner on the main site. Unfortunately, I don't know how to change it/remove it :'D I've been trying to find the settings for that with zero luck. For now, news and updates will have to be spread through word of mouth/posting to appropriate discussion threads on other websites.
Couldn't you put a display: none in the .alert CSS until the settings come out of hiding? Or just hide the content and put the new announcement into the .alert center:before content. XD Ugly solution? Yes. But since it's only temporary...
:'D I truly wish it were that easy. However, the only CSS-related settings I can find/access have zero content related to the announcement banner. Rhynn knows how to adjust it but, distressingly, she went radio silent several weeks ago--before she could teach me--due to work and training-related schooling.

Edit: However..... I should be able to just send out a mass PM to all members on the site. :)

Edit 2: OKAY! So I can't send out a mass PM to all Ostleans. However, I did add a new navigation link under the community section that leads directly to Ostlea's latest news from the main site. It's not as attention-grabbing as the banner :'D But it's a stopgap for the moment???
You have to do all this with no access to the files?  angry That does sound difficult.

That "Latest News!" link is really useful, thank you! :3
thanks for the new link and for trying.
it appears Something happened because i didn't see the banner/announcement when i stopped by this time.
does this mean you've gotten access now or that somebody who Does is back in "town" as it were?
Rhynn removed the banner and also provided some information I didn't have before. :) Now I'll be able to take care of any future announcements for the main site.