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Full Version: Noxsynth Dragon Giveaway
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           [Image: embed.php?text=Noxsynth%20Oddity%20Givea...lor=9FB5B1]
[Image: cWMwVl.gif]

Woo! I've got a 2G Noxynth Dragon (an oddity of Solsynth Dragons) to raffle off! It is from purebred parents and is a male adult. Everyone may earn one entry, however there are a few ways to earn extra entries. Earning your first ticket is extremely simple:

• Post here in the thread to enter. Simply posting gets you your first entry.
• Anyone may enter, although those who already have a Noxsynth may only earn one entry.
• The giveaway will end on Monday, August 15th, 2016 at 11:59PM (main site time).

           [Image: embed.php?text=%20Ways%20To%20Earn%20Mor...lor=9FB5B1]
• Post a picture of something cool (and include your username + Tales of Ostlea written somewhere in the photo).
• Draw a picture or doodle of anything neat (username + Tales of Ostlea must be written somewhere in the photo).
• Write a short Ostlea-related drabble (maximum of 200 words).
I'm not going to put a minimum, but no one-liners please...

You cannot earn more than one entry per additional task. For example, posting two pictures will still only earn you entry. A total of four entries can be earned (although again, those who already have a Noxsynth, you cannot earn extra entries).

I think that's everything. Good luck and have fun! :)
           [Image: embed.php?text=Participants&name=ZOMBIFI...lor=9FB5B1]
• MessengerDragon (2 entries)
• UniqueZephlyn (1 entry)
• Jedi (1 entry)
• MonstrHugger (1 entry)
• Phi (3 entries)
• Laurelin (2 entries)
• Shadowdancer (1 entry)
• EmeraldsLyn (1 entry)
I'd like to enter!

Also, one teeny tiny question - isn't a drabble supposed to be 100 words, no more, no less? Or am I confusing it with something else?
Thanks for entering, MD! I think 'drabble' is a sort of loose term for an extremely short story (or at least, that's always how I've seen it used). I'm pretty sure 100 words might be the original length of the drabble, but I personally see anything 500 words or less as one. XD Anyway, for the sake of this giveaway, I made the maximum 200 words since I don't want anyone doing anything too excessive for what's meant to be a relatively easy entry, haha.
I'd love to enter :O
Sadly I can't draw better than a kindergartner so I guess maybe I can take a photo, but it'd be pretty hard to do unless we can edit in our ToO name, or atleast photos on a larger scale.

I'll definantly try to enter some more though cause before the auction for one of these skyrocketed, I was actually tempted to bid :P
Added you, UZ. Thanks for entering! 8D

Any size photo is fine, although maybe link it or spoiler it. XD (Also, don't worry, I can't draw better than a kindergartner either... so awful doodles are more than welcome here. X) heart)

Haha yeah, that auction went way higher than I expected it too. xD
I would like to enter please.
Added you. Thanks for entering, Jedi! :3
\ouo/ woo raffles!
OK here's my first post - one entry please. Thanks heart
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