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Hello, I'm Burning (or Burns if you prefer)! Here are some random tidbits about me: I prefer she/her pronouns, my personality type is INTP-T, I'm type 1 diabetic, I have two cats and a ferret, and I like to write (obviously).

Things I currently really like and wouldn't mind chatting about:
- Steven Universe
- Danganronpa (especially V3 and Ultra Despair Girls)
- Little Witch Academia
- Pokemon (shiny hunting)

I no longer use Skype regularly, however I'm available on Discord pretty much always, so feel free to add me there at xxBurningxx#8737



Feel free to shoot me a PM about anything! I'll always try my best to respond promptly, and I'll never ignore a PM without intentions to eventually reply. I'm happy to give advice/criticism for any writing or art you have (regardless of whether it's Ostlea-related or not), and I'm also very open to helping out with creature descriptions. Just shoot me a message!

I individually sort each type of creature into its own lair, and have a self-imposed limit of 200 creatures per lair. This is why I have several identical lairs of certain creatures. Feel free to mine my lairs! And if you happen to spot a discrepancy such as more than 200 in a single lair or a misplaced creature, please let me know! I'll offer a small amount of silver as a thank you of sorts.

I do not trade any of my creatures unless they're in the Aa, Ab, Ac, or Ad lairs. Feel free to inquire about those!

Actual join date: October 9th, 2015



If you're interested in alt offspring, please take the time to read this section. First of all, please refer to the status list below to see if I'm accepting requests for the specified oddity species.

- Serendipitous Loveslugs: OPEN; 80k or 1 crystal each.
- Noxynth Dragons: OPEN; 80k or 1 crystal each.
- Phantom Morays: OPEN; 80k or 1 crystal each.
- Corsair Temporal Chryaxes: CLOSED
- Princely Ignistelas*: CLOSED
- Sassy Augozzies*: CLOSED

Prices listed are ideally what I'd like in exchange, however I'm willing to haggle prices and/or make an exchange consisting of any combination of adult LB creatures, crystals, and silver. A list of how much I'll pay for LB adults is below. I typically breed purebred oddities, however I'm totally open to unique breeding pairs if you truly want to make your oddity offspring unique! If you plan on making a request, please be very specific in what you'd like bred; including links to the creatures in mind is ideal, although be sure to keep breed classification in mind when choosing.

Be sure to keep an eye out for whatever I currently have up for trade; I tend to offer things for a cheaper price on the Market Place or in public trading threads and the like. Feel free to ask if I have any already-bred things to trade, I tend to have some extras.

For existing trades and requests, I can hold something for 2 weeks to give you time to liquidate the payment. I can do IOUs as well, as long as you can provide at least ten things a week and are fine with not receiving the oddity until at least half of your side is fulfilled.

While I obviously cannot tell you what to do with any creatures you get from me after we've traded, naming them would be greatly appreciated.

* - Oddities listed here marked with a star are ones that are inspired/based off real-life beloved animals of mine. That said, these oddities are particularly special and will only be bred once or twice a year, on their birthday and deathday respectively. From their offspring of each breeding, only two will be extended to the public in the forms of one raffle and one auction. Keep an eye out for that! Below are the breeding dates for starred oddities.

- Princely Ignistelas: January 11th (birthday)
- Sassy Augozzies: April 12th (birthday); November 28th (deathday)



- Very Common/Common: 500 silver each
- Uncommon: 650 silver each
- Rare: 800 silver each
- Rare alts: 3,500 silver each
- Holiday/Event: 3000 silver each
- Shop: Same amount of silver as it would normally cost in the shop (plus potion price if applicable)
- Crystals: 80,000 silver each
- Donation Creatures: 60,000 silver each

These prices are how much I'm willing to pay for LB ADULTS. I'm happy to accept payment for anything in creatures/crystals (or a combination of creatures, crystals, and silver) for any trades I might have up or if you're interested in requesting offspring from my oddities. Just be sure to double-check your math and check with me first!

PLEASE NOTE THAT NORMAL SALAMANDERS, ROYAL-WINGED RAYS AND HYDROCARBON LAVA DINKS will only be accepted for 200 silver each. This is because they are extremely common and I already have hundreds of them. The reason why I treat donation creatures as worth less than 80k is purely because I am not as interested in them.



- Salamanders*
- Rats
- Royal-winged rays
- Glacial/obsidian/riparian ailurai

* = main hoard

The above things are sort of the main things I hoard, although honestly I'd like at least 200 LB of every creature on-site. Any help is appreciated, and I'm willing to buy any LB adult creatures for the above prices listed!

Total creature count, as of 7/18/2016: 16,523 (16,022 of which are LB).

As of 12/21/18: 22,919 (22,095 of which are LB).



Big shout-out to Rhynn for the absolutely lovely fire-themed signature! If it looks wonky here, that's because the screen display is too small. It should look fine on normal forum posts though. If not, your screen size might be too small to display it properly. i can't really do anything about it, and for that I apologize.

Sex: Female

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"...That was a lie. Y'know... since I'm a liar."
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