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  Ilivniss' Trade Post
Posted by: Ilivniss - 6 hours ago - Forum: Sales & Trades - No Replies

Hi. :3

Now I have some creatures for trade:

Tiny Salamander (f):
[Image: dzqXLH.gif]
Feathered Galagaloo (f):
[Image: gulLfO.gif] [Image: VIUcXk.gif] [Image: oN8APB.gif]
Gold Avari Dragon (m):
[Image: RsONhW.gif]

Please, write to me about these creatures here so we can discuss the price, since I don’t really know the average market prices (or PM me if you can help me with prices).
Also if you have a female Gold Avari Dragon I'll be happy to make a gender swap.

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  Mochi's SA Oddity
Posted by: Mochiccino - 03-16-2019, 10:49 PM - Forum: Sales & Trades - Replies (2)


1 SA = 1 SA
1 Crystal = 1 SA
95K Silver = 1 SA
1 Pair of Event LB = 1 SA
6 Rare LB Creatures = 1 SA

Menagerie/Uncommon/Common =
Haggle Me

Pairs Currently I Currently Have:

Pairs will not be broken up for any reason at all unless I say otherwise. I only offer EGGS! It is up to you to get the gender/stage/clicks that you need. I will not do that step for you. I just don't have the time for that. There is no reserved list! First come first severed!

Quote:Mocha and Latte

[Image: AakdMj.gif] X [Image: oCLNl8.gif]

Quote:Irish and Creme

[Image: oMzihX.gif] X [Image: iXnpdb.gif]

Quote:Caramel and Macchiato

[Image: X2nlUk.gif] X [Image: UZWZ22.gif]

Quote:Reeses Pieces and SweeTarts

[Image: toui5U.gif] X [Image: KDLL2L.gif]

Quote:Peanut Butter Cup and Nerds

[Image: BiTTZm.gif] X [Image: aCNLHp.gif]

Quote:Hershey and Pixy Stix

[Image: dPbDzJ.gif] X [Image: ne66Jt.gif]

Fill Out the Form!

[b]Lair Username:[/b]
[b]Requested breed:[/b] (Toxic Boogie / Irish Coffee)
[b]Requested Pair:[/b]
[b]Amount of SAs Requested:[/b] (How many are you purchasing)
[b]Payment Method:[/b]

Active Public Trades



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  New Discovery! [March 8, 2019]
Posted by: Tales of Ostlea - 03-08-2019, 05:00 AM - Forum: Announcements & News - Replies (12)

[Image: O204UxB.png]
Banner by MonstrHugger

A new discovery has been made in the world of Ostlea!

Alameda's Menagerie has received a new shipment! This brand new creature filling their shelves can be yours for the price of 1,500 Silver [Image: silver.png].

[Image: d70e294e3c562d377c76482346daba07.png]
Loong Noodles
"This egg looks and smells like a wad of noodles."

Enjoy and don't forget to thank VixenDra and xxBurningxx for bringing us these new creatures!

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Music Greetings
Posted by: TheTruePotatoLord - 03-04-2019, 03:42 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (2)

Greetings my darlings, it is I, The True Potato Lord,
 I have just joined this site as of, March 4th 2019.  If you would like to converse, do not fear I respond!  In need of aid?  I will assist!  Are you a potato?  Hello my wonderful subject, come, I shall help you.

~ The True Potato Lord

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Posted by: Thaliel - 02-25-2019, 01:04 PM - Forum: Help & Bug Reports - Replies (2)

I cannot seem to find the library section for this creature, where can I get information on it?

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  Brand new with no clue, stop by and say hi. Friends wanted.
Posted by: DLynae - 02-24-2019, 09:29 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (1)

New here...heard about this site through an avatar someone had on DragonCave, where I'm also new. I like collecting critters in real life, although we topped out at 4 to be able to responsibly afford veterinary bills if they all got sick at once. I'm going virtual for the rest. Seems like a fun extension of the tamagatchi toys I had as a kid. No idea what I'm doing yet, so I'm going to lurk a bit to see what I can learn. Feel free to say hi. Also, I'm curious if anyone visiting this post can tell me what your favorite creature is, and why. 


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Big Grin Newbie hereee!!
Posted by: Gomidove - 02-18-2019, 10:12 AM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (1)

Hey you all! I’m new in Tales of Ostlea, and I have no idea what to do! Please help heart

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  Happy Valentine's Day!
Posted by: Tales of Ostlea - 02-14-2019, 04:00 AM - Forum: Announcements & News - Replies (11)

[Image: nVn3ZJp.png]

Happy Valentine's Day darlings! 
A special holiday area and a new creature await you! Head on over to the Amorae Forest and pick up some of the new holiday creature eggs! They'll only be available until February 20th at 11:59 PM by the site's clock when they will stop dropping for good and will only be obtainable through breeding or the menagerie next year!

[Image: ddb402375c4754a514e8cbb5755b0f10.png]
"This iridescent egg carries a vaguely earthy scent."
This creature currently CANNOT be fed and is a LIMITED release.

Thank you to xxBurningxx for bringing us this beautiful new creature!

XiraCaster and xBurningxx have also written a brand new text for us to enjoy alongside the new creature. After picking up some of the new eggs you should go ahead and check it out.

[Image: vd2019.png]

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  LTT Astral Shadedrinker
Posted by: Galeem - 02-12-2019, 11:20 AM - Forum: Sales & Trades - Replies (3)

This is my favorite creature--but I was never able to find one in the market, ever--and I signed up in the winter, which was too late. I'm looking to perhaps buy one from someone willing to trade one for silver, but I'm not picky with prices. List something, I'll consider it. Gender and age do not matter.

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Question okay dumb question but...
Posted by: kstormgemini - 02-09-2019, 06:29 AM - Forum: Site Discussion - Replies (5)

is it just me or has this place pretty much gone dead??
i Do check around here and over at the actual site to see what's shaking but well... i'm surprised there aren't random tumble weed critters rolling by, making eerie gritty-western-type whistling noises on their way through.?☀️
i know i'm not terribly active myself, so i'm not judging. (been pretty sick of late & haven't been doing much more than lurking & playing sudoku off in the corner)
but i thought i would ask... i was just wondering is all.
in any case, hoping y'all are staying safe, dry, warm and whatever you need to wherever you are right now.

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