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  New Here!
Posted by: StarMadnessGod - 04-12-2021, 06:50 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (2)

Hello! My name is Micheal. I'm new here, but I am glad to be here.

Today is also my birthday (and my mom's).

About me:
- I am 37 as of today.
- I am part of the LGBT+ community.
- I am an artist.
- I draw furry art, Gemsona art, and My Little Pony art.
- I have many pets with my mom.
- I have 7 cats.
- I have 3 dogs.
- I have 1 Ball Python.
- I have 1 Guinea Pig.
- I am a gamer.
- My pronouns are he/they
- I am Ace/Pan.
- Some of my favorite games are Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Fallout series (3, New Vegas, 4 and 76), League Of Legends, Pokemon, and Overwatch.
- I love to make friends, and can get along with anyone (though I prefer to talk to people over 18).

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Big Grin Another Newbie
Posted by: Caffeine - 04-01-2021, 11:58 PM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (1)

Hello! :) I'm new here, I found Ostlea in a pixpet profile lol. I'm just getting started but the creature art is amazing! I tried setting up an account on yarolds according to the guide but I'm still pretty confused. Is there a more recent guide or is it falling out of use? Thanks, hope to see everyone around!

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  Creature Never Drops
Posted by: Cheystar - 04-01-2021, 05:25 PM - Forum: Help & Bug Reports - Replies (2)

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but I came back after a longer hiatus, and I've diligently hung out to get the newer releases I've missed, but this one is supposed to drop in Mystic Caverns, and I have NEVER seen it. I've never seen it in the nursery or market either:

This spiny egg is somewhat slimy."

Is there a problem with this one? 

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  Potions missing from Apothecary?
Posted by: Xiunka - 03-29-2021, 12:29 AM - Forum: Help & Bug Reports - Replies (2)

Hey so I've noticed just recently that it seems as though a fewof potions that used to be in the Apothecary are now gone. I just want to ask if this in on purpose or not? Or if they've been moved somewhere else? Or if maybe you guys are just dealing with some technical stuff and that they'll be back soon.

In case you're wondering what's missing, it's basically a few of the alt-version potions like the iced coffee and frost ryukoi potions. hallowed fenn seems to still be there, though.

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Question How do you post a picture?
Posted by: Oceanwaves - 03-22-2021, 02:43 PM - Forum: Help & Bug Reports - Replies (3)

So I’m suggesting some new creatures and I have a sketch but I can’t figure out how to post it. Apparently I need a url? Thing is, I did it on paper and just took a picture so I can’t really link to it or copy and paste it. Ideas?

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  NushaCake's Lineages
Posted by: NushaCake - 03-22-2021, 06:11 AM - Forum: Lineages - No Replies

~ French Revolution ~
[Image: hHQn3w.gif] [Image: yMtfMX.gif] 
Marie-Antoinette x Louis XVI

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  New Discovery! [Mar 19th, 2021]
Posted by: Tales of Ostlea - 03-19-2021, 08:00 AM - Forum: News - Replies (19)

[Image: O204UxB.png]
Banner by MonstrHugger

A new discovery has been made in the world of Ostlea!

Alameda's Menagerie has received a new shipment! This brand new creature filling their shelves can be yours for the price of 700 Silver [Image: silver.png].

[Image: b9030e6ecfe078fb8ec09058e6cfaf16.png]
Jumping Beans
"This diminutive seedling makes your arms tingle when you hold it."

Enjoy and don't forget to thank Mochiccino, ZioCorvid, and xxBurningxx for bringing us these new creatures!

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  Difficulty reaching my lair
Posted by: prettyiggy - 03-13-2021, 11:16 AM - Forum: Help & Bug Reports - Replies (5)

Every time I log on, I have difficulty reaching my lair: it processes, processes and processes some more. After  5 or 10 minutes, I give up and log out. I make sure to clear browsing data regularly, so I doubt it's that. What's the problem here?!  unhappy  Is it a glitch or is my laptop having difficulty with your site?

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Posted by: VultureCult - 03-05-2021, 09:03 PM - Forum: Site Discussion - Replies (1)

Ok, so ive been looking through all the books in the library to try and figure out what this thing is. I got an egg and the species is called Beecoon. Help i cant find it anywhere lol

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  What is B and LB
Posted by: AliceMorte - 02-26-2021, 01:32 AM - Forum: Help & Bug Reports - Replies (2)


I was looking in the market and noticed pets showed as either B or LB, and I am wondering what that means.

I tried searching but I hadn't found anything, so I apologize if I just missed it somewhere.

Thank you!

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