New Discovery! [Oct 8th, 2019]
Happy 4th Birthday!
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A new discovery has been made in the world of Ostlea!

These new creatures can be found residing in Sunanie Glacier and Mt. Ekoh where they will be mass dropping until Thursday at 5:59PM by the site's clock. Please note you will not be able to use food on this creature until the mass drop has ended.

[Image: 3a09ae1dc27f0764abfe47cc4b3d9f5b.png]
"This pale egg sparkles in the piles of warm, volcanic rocks."

[Image: 10b47a220b72fbded83ba4fe0e224cbd.png]
"This pale egg sparkles in the snow."

Enjoy and don't forget to thank ZioCorvid for bringing us these new creatures!

Note: I made a small whoops--Instead of Mt. Ekoh, one will be dropping in the Forest for about half an hour (6:30 AM site time) until the drop adjusts.
-- Something else flubbed and the eggs aren't dropping. I'm trying to figure out why.
-- One has started dropping. The second shall be following shortly. Apologies for the mixups!
-- All hiccups corrected. Mass Drop is proceeding as intended.
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Yay new longma friendos!
My ToO account is here.
Happy Birthday, ToO! Cake
yay, new eggies!
even bigger yay, the site's back up!!
so lots of yays todays... [looks at the sentence then shrugs] eh, it works. x1
Thank you.
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Happy 4th Birthday~ Thanks for the new creatures. Longmas are one of my favourites.
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Well, thank you ZioCorvid. I can't wait until they grow up so I can see them! =D
I just love missing the releases, the eggs are *gone*.
I know it isn't much, but I sent you something, Prp ^^
Please call me Val.
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Ooh, can't wait to see what they grow into! I love the egg patterns. Thank you for the new release!
Thank you, JinxVIII! heart

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