LB Halloween Raffle
I'd like to join :)
Ahh I'm so sorry! I forgot about this on Monday! Since only nine people joined, instead I did it so that one person would win two Halloween critters instead of one. That person is #8, Wright-mad! Wright-mad can choose two Halloween critters, everyone else may choose one. Do note I won't get to the critters until the weekend, though. People have until Sunday 8 P.M. EST to choose their critter.
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Ooh. Didn't expect this. Seems that everyone's a winner..! In that case, I'd like a Boogie Boo and a Hellaios, both male preferred. Thanks in advance, and for the giveaway as a whole.
I would love a Boogie Boo! :) Thank you so much for the giveaway and congrats, well, everyone! XD heart heart heart
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Congrats on the wins everyone and I would like a Female Hellaios please.
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I'd like a male Boogie Boo please.
Um... Shoot. Female Boogie Boo then?
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I would like a female Boogie Boo please. Thank you :)
Everyone should have their critter(s) now! Let me know if someone hasn't been sent a trade or has the wrong critter.
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