Merry Christmas! [December 25, 2016]
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Happy Holidays my lovely Ostleans! A new holiday area and a new creature await you! Head on over to the Silver Forest and pick up some of the new holiday creature eggs! They'll only be available until the 31st at 11:59 PM by the site's clock when they will stop dropping for good and will only be obtainable through breeding or the menagerie next year!

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"A faint jingling sound can be heard from within this ornate egg."

This creature currently CANNOT be fed and is a LIMITED release.
Thank you to Amphyrre for bringing this new beauty to our world!

And if you haven't already, don't forget to check out our advent calendar! All gifts will remain claimable until January 1st! Don't miss out!
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!  heart 
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Merry Christmas, everyone~
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Feel free to contact me about my oddities! Each oddity is 80k silver, or a crystal. Each Doni oddity are 160k silver, or 2 crystals!
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Thank you Gryffi and spriters!

Happy Holidays everyone :)
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! ^_^ Thank you Gryffi and spriter(s)! ^_^
Ohhohohoho! Merry Christmas and thank you Gryffi and all the spriters!  =D
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WOOO Merry Chritmas everyone :3c
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Merry Christmas all .
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Merry X-mas, everyone~!!
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"The best place to cry is in the rain, where no one will know."
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Allow me to mourn and yearn for you for the remaining years of my life, my lovely little Rosie girl……
Merry Christmas everyone, and thank you for another wonderful event to the ToO team! =D

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Merry Christmas! \ouo/
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