Happy New Year! [January 1, 2017]
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A new discovery has been made in the world of Ostlea!

This new creature has taken up residence around the Sunanie Glacier where it will be mass dropping until 11:59 PM on Tuesday the 3rd. This creature currently cannot be fed.

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“This grey egg is covered in frost and ice."

This is a seasonal release, it will only appear in lair and breed during the winter. 
Thank you to ZioCorvid for this awesome new creature!


In addition to the new release a new item can now be found by digging around the Sintera Tombs as well as being sold in the Apothecary.

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Mouldy Ribbons
"A pile of mouldy old ribbons, found while innocently digging up a grave. Your skeleton creatures would probably love these."

Happy New Year everyone!
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Woohoo! Happy New Year and thank you Gryffi and the spriters!!
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Happy New Year!!!  [Image: smiley-faces-78.gif]

This has been the best holiday season ever, thanks to Gryffi and the rest of the creative folks here.  My best wishes go out to you all.
Happy new years, y'all~
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Happy New Year, everyone!! And thank you Zio-chan for the new release!! heart

"This is a seasonal release, it will only appear in lair during the winter."
I really hope that was a typo... ._.

Btw, what do the mouldy ribbons do?
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Happy new year! ^.^

I'm a little confused about the ribbon, though. Bought one and tried it on an ailura, but I'm not sure I understand what happened to it.. It's a female rat now?
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Happy New Year!!! Caught my fill of the new egg and got some ribbons for my plushie.
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[Image: JediPuppies_zps5xtxdcmx.gif] Thanks for the gif gift Lyn =D
Happy New Year everyone! =3 

Thank you so much for these two new things on ToO o ZioCorvid and Gryffi!
Happy New Year! Best of wishes to everybody this year! =D
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Another release, back-to-back... ? Yes I know I know, I'm supposed to use yarold's but I just can't stand that site so I won't.  Dead

LOVE the mouldy ribbons, I bought one and put it on a Skeleton Ryukoi:

Can't wait to see what the other skeletons will look like, but I think I'll wait until I find them. X)

Happy new year everyone and thank you for a great year to the ToO people!

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