Valentine's Breeding! [February 8th]
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Hello, one and all! Valentine’s Day is just a week away! To celebrate the approaching holiday, the breeding season for all Valentine’s creatures has begun! From now until February 14th Loveslugs, Amorous Foxes, and Abhorrent Foxes have a chance to produce offspring. These creatures are also available in the Menagerie in exchange for Crystals. Afterwards, they won’t be breed-able until next year.

And while you're in the Menagerie, don't forget to grab a surplus of Cuddle Plushies! They're only available during the month of February!
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spread the valentine love~

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Feel free to contact me about my oddities! Each oddity is 80k silver, or a crystal. Each Doni oddity are 160k silver, or 2 crystals!
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*squeee* off to breed my lovebirds! heart
Oh, or not, Loveslugs "can't produce" xD
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Confused Game goal:
Phase 1: 1 LB pair per breed/variant *_*  (done \owo/ )
Phase 2: all stage frozens bred from my very LB pairs :3  (almost done =D)
Phase 3: all stages of SAs, all 2g PB, (possibly) unrelated adults Blush (WIP, Seeking trades and offers!)
Phase 4: last crack eggs :o (barely started, SAs in focus)
>Progress HERE<

Primary Lair? The 3 Kingdoms! wink

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There appears to be a small matter with the Loveslugs not breeding on time. This might be connected to the fact that their breeding season last year was delayed to run at the same time as the Valentine's Quest. It will be amended as soon as possible and members will be made aware when it is.

EDIT: It's also come to light that the Menagerie has not been updated yet. LB eggs of past Valentine's creatures are not yet available.

EDIT #2: The Loveslug breeding and Menagerie matters have been resolved! Thank you for your patience!
Please call me Val.
I'm just a lurking Skittle.
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\ouo/ Finally got my foxes.
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Happy St. Valentine's Day!   Love to everyone.  heart heart heart
YAy! How lovely
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