New Discoveries! [May 4, 2018]
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Banner by MonstrHugger

Two new discoveries have been made in the world of Ostlea!

First, you can find this beautiful new egg around Scylla's Cove.
[Image: e764068d10515061acec1971d6145b98.png]
"This patched egg appears to be water-resistant."

Our second stunning new egg can be found in Lyzta's Jungle.
[Image: cbe828c11d6fd9401c0202534da6d13a.png]
"This squishy lilac egg has a pair of black horns."

 Both eggs will be mass dropping in their respective biomes until Tuesday at 11:59 PM by the site's clock. Please also note, these eggs will not be able to be fed until after the mass drops have ended.

Don't forget to thank Ashywolf, Gryffi and VixenDra for helping to bring us these new creatures!
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*Excitement SQUEEEEEEK*
[Image: QxYQDT.gif] My Fidelious Spriter's Alts' >breeding lists<:v [Image: G66gLo.gif]

Confused Game goal:
Phase 1: 1 LB pair per breed/variant *_*  (done \owo/ )
Phase 2: all stage frozens bred from my very LB pairs :3  (almost done =D)
Phase 3: all stages of SAs, all 2g PB, (possibly) unrelated adults Blush (WIP, Seeking trades and offers!)
Phase 4: last crack eggs :o (barely started, SAs in focus)
>Progress HERE<

Primary Lair? The 3 Kingdoms! wink

[Image: PSqCGS.gif] I'm also a 98% self-taught artist[Image: O8W7iL.gif] [Image: RCS2PLe.png]? [Image: MPljds.gif]
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neeew thiiingssss
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Feel free to contact me about my oddities! Each oddity is 80k silver, or a crystal. Each Doni oddity are 160k silver, or 2 crystals!
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Thank you for the new creatures, Ashywolf, Gryffi, and VixenDra!  :3
Phantasm Felines: 10/100
Oh! heart I can't wait to see what that patched egg hatches into!
[Image: Miriota.gif][Image: 1762342.png] [Image: nD3Q9hs.png][Image: Y3Ypq.gif][Image: 112275501&trans=1.jpg][Image: 1312541.gif][Image: 1034733.png][Image: pet.php?p=f213d47e99a4c474&th=1][Image: 9031447.gif][Image: 14619_avatar.png][Image: pet_597960_small_stage_x.png]
Tiny Dragon by JGinn of FR.
OOoh! Squishy with horns!? heart That is my kinda combo. YEET.
[Image: e403390294cf324f642bfdcb138b01f3.gif]
Best Husbando ^ 
A new plushie type! Yay! Thank you for this release!
Woohoo, a new release! Thank you!
Wohoo, a new release! What amazing new eggs. They look so nice. I´m excited to see whats growing from it. =3 
Thank you Ashywolf, Gryffi and VixenDra. =3
I've been away from this site for way too long but maybe a new release will get me back to the game! Thanks for the release.  :3

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