The Spring Festival Has Begun! [May 28, 2018]
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Every year between the dates of May 28th and June 10th a thick layer of strange magic descends on our beautiful country of Ostlea, and with it comes something truly wonderful: the Spring Eggstravaganza!
During this event, you'll be sent on a scavenger hunt and have the opportunity to craft three shelled creatures from past years and our brand new Shelled Tortoises! Please do keep in mind you'll only be able to craft one of each every half hour, we do need to give some time for that magic to work, don't we? wink

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"It's a lump of clay... It seems to be surrounded by a magical aura."
This creature CAN be fed.

Head over to the Spring Festival page to get started!

Updates, Updates, Updates!

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As we mentioned last year, Shelled Duckles will be "retiring" from the Spring Festival, but do not worry! This does not mean the creatures will be going extinct! Just like with creatures from other past holidays, Shelled Duckles will continue to breed more of their own kind during their breeding season, however, new lair borns will only be obtainable through the Menagerie for the price of 1 crystal.
From this year on we will continue the trend of "retiring" one Shelled Creature to the Menagerie each year, so craft them while you can!


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As you all are probably aware, we're constantly making updates to help improve the site, make things more interactive and hopefully entertaining for all of you, as a result, the Spring Festival has had a small change: item deterioration. Just as you'd expect with any other art supply in your offline life our paints now have a chance to get used up, paintbrushes may fray and our sparkly gemdust may lose some of its luster. Don't fret though, you will be able to pick up new materials where you originally found them of course. We hope no one finds this too aggravating and you all enjoy our attempt at making everything feel just a bit more real.


Hint Help
*Spoilers ahead, please avoid if you don't want the riddle answers!*


Questions? Comments? Post here! But please remember, bug reports and glitches need to be reported in the help section or through a private message to Gryffi.
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Happy Spring fun :3
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happy happy spring spring
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Happy festival everyone!
Hope you'll like the new shelly^^
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Confused Game goal:
Phase 1: 1 LB pair per breed/variant *_*  (done \owo/ )
Phase 2: all stage frozens bred from my very LB pairs :3  (almost done =D)
Phase 3: all stages of SAs, all 2g PB, (possibly) unrelated adults Blush (WIP, Seeking trades and offers!)
Phase 4: last crack eggs :o (barely started, SAs in focus)
>Progress HERE<

Primary Lair? The 3 Kingdoms! wink

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>8D Happy Spring Festival!!
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Happy Spring festival! So much thanks to all who worked on it! :-)
Happy Spring! :)

Thank you for the work put in to make this happen, everyone ^^
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Yay^^ Spring has Sprung in Ostlea! Happy crafting everyone and I love the new additions this year! Working on wearing out my paintbrush and running out of paint^^lol!
My first Spring Event on this site,what are we suppose to do with the items we collect,like the Flowers,Paint Brush and such?
Xanje,another cool pet site.Come check it out!
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Happy Spring Festival to all! =D

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