New Discoveries! [June 28th, 2018]
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Several new discoveries have been made in the world of Ostlea!

First, you can find this beautiful new egg mass dropping in the Elegema Forest until Sunday at 11:59 PM by the site's clock and will later also be found in Scylla's Cove.
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"This cool, brown egg has a faint stripe across it and smells of toffee."

A second creature can be found mass dropping in Scylla's Cove until Sunday at 11:59 PM by the site's clock
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"This cool, dark brown egg has a light stripe across it and smells of chocolate."

Neither of these creatures will be able to be fed until the end of the mass drop.

The local Apothecary is also now selling a new item specifically for these new creatures, go on over and pick some up and see what effect it'll have on the new additions to your lair.
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"Feeding this tasty treat to an Ostlean Otter or Wotter results in some interesting effects."
800 Silver [Image: silver.png]


Our final discovery is now being stocked in Alameda's Menagerie, where they are being sold for 1 crystal each. These can be fed immediately.
Crystals can be purchased for $1 each on the Donation page.

[Image: ae6a4b590904c2838b8fbb6fae8bbf6a.png]
"This smooth egg seems to rock back and forth in place."


Thank yous to VixenDra, xxBurningxx and ZioCorvid for bringing us these new creatures!
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[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=5474107]

enjoy the new thingssss
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Feel free to contact me about my oddities! Each oddity is 80k silver, or a crystal. Each Doni oddity are 160k silver, or 2 crystals!
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Thank you for the new creatures!  =3
Phantasm Felines: 10/100
Very interesting..... mmm...   With VixenDra,  xxBurningxx, and ZioCorvid working on them, I do look forward to seeing some fine new creatures in my lair.  I can hardly wait!  =D

Just a reminder, I have a number of Crystals for trade at 80,000 Silver each for those who would rather spend their  Silver than cash.  They can be found in the last post on this thread:
Thanks for the new creatures~

I can't feed my Orovulpe Foxsnake egg though...

EDIT: Looks like it's fixed. Thanks!
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[flickers in wondering at the new critters] It's not going to be a trick like the platas is it? They're going to actually be some sort of otter, I hope... >>;
I mean all the critters here are... eer... Okay maybe not All of them... Lovely... But uhm, neat... In their own way? [isn't a Huge fan of the creepy/gross-out ones but isn't Against having them either]
In any case, thank you.
Thank you.
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Yay!  I can feed my Orovulpe Foxsnakes now.  They are lovely and if I can tame them, I think I will keep them as pets. They seem quite cat-like. heart
Oh, I saw some hatchlings in the nursery, they look very VERY cute! So excited for a fluffy natural-looking creature. Can't wait for Sunday! =D Thank you!
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Yay, a new release! Thank you!

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