The Creature Symposium has Begun! [July 15, 2018]
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For the third year in a row, the country's greatest explorers have gathered together to bring you all something BIG! The Creature Symposium! For an entire week, we'll be ignoring the way things are typically done around here and instead be flooding you with new additions to our magical little world! 
Starting today and ending on July 21st a brand new creature will be showcased each day along with information on where they can be found! We are aware this might seem a bit overwhelming for the average tamer, but fret not! Each of these new creatures can be fed right away and though they will not be mass dropping in their respective locations they will be dropping commonly for two weeks before returning to their intended rarities. All of these creatures ARE permanent releases and will not disappear from the shops/biomes after this event!

The Symposium's final creatures can be crafted in the Sintera Tombs. I hope you all had fun and enjoyed all the new creatures!

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Mouldy Ribbons available in the apothecary as always.

Thank you to VixenDra for these lovelies!

July 15
July 16
July 17
July 18
July 19
July 20
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Yayyyy heart
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be sure to give all the new critters nice hugs and pats
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Feel free to contact me about my oddities! Each oddity is 80k silver, or a crystal. Each Doni oddity are 160k silver, or 2 crystals!
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I'm... not sure I've ever been around during a symposium before, huh. Exciting! (Hopefully I can nab some o those eggos.)
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Yes new releases!!! Just after I came back from the other city. Thank you ToO staff!!!
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I'm always happy to see some new creatures! =D
A Creature Symposium. How Exciting! Thank you for the good news. =3  And thanks to all people who are involved. heart
Uber excited! \OuO/
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