New Discovery! [April 13, 2019]
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Banner by MonstrHugger

A new discovery has been made in the world of Ostlea!
These new creatures can be found residing in the Mystic Caverns, Elegama Forest and Lyzta's Jungle where they will be mass dropping until Monday at 11:59PM by the site's clock. In addition, Alameda's Menagerie will now be stocking the fourth variant of this creature on its shelves for 2,000 Silver [Image: silver.png]. Please note you will not be able to use food on the variants found in the biomes until the mass drop has ended.

[Image: 5a23765fcce9ad5a1315c750b7bf7b31.png]
This egg has several stripes along the shell."

Enjoy and don't forget to thank Halofire, JinxVII, Lycanious and MonstrHugger for bringing us these new creatures!
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WOOT!!! And thanks to all the people involved!
Yay! New Gryphons for all!
Thank you all who keep us in our own little fantasy realms. We love you dearly for it! heart heart
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I love the Domestic Maix Gryphons! heart And I can't wait to see the other variants. Thank you to the talented artists!

ETA: I like  this combination: =3

[Image: l1fDaPq.png]
[Image: Birb_Division.png]
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I love gryphons! Thank you for the new creatures!
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Allow me to mourn and yearn for you for the remaining years of my life, my lovely little Rosie girl……
time to free up some space :> :> :>
Yusss, they are here! =>
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Confused Game goal:
Phase 1: 1 LB pair per breed/variant *_*  (done \owo/ )
Phase 2: all stage frozens bred from my very LB pairs :3  (almost done =D)
Phase 3: all stages of SAs, all 2g PB, (possibly) unrelated adults Blush (WIP, Seeking trades and offers!)
Phase 4: last crack eggs :o (barely started, SAs in focus)
>Progress HERE<

Primary Lair? The 3 Kingdoms! wink

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I don't have a gif that captures my mood right now....

They're here, I'm excited. I hope you enjoy them ^^ great people helped to create them heart
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