New Discoveries! [May 2, 2019]
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A new creature has made it's way to Ostlea from the nearby kingdom of Mysgardia! This new creatures has three forms.

The first form can be found residing in the Elegema Forest where it will be mass dropping until Sunday at 11:59PM by the site's clock. Please note you will not be able to use food on this creature until the mass drop has ended.

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You're not sure how, but this egg seems to follow you around sometimes."

The other two forms of this exotic new creature are now being stocked in Alameda's Menagerie, where they are being sold for 1 crystal [Image: Crystal.png] and 10,000 silver [Image: silver.png] respectively. You will be able to feed these creatures immediately.

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Kurama and Mono Luplittles
"You're not sure how, but this egg seems to follow you around sometimes."

If you're in need of Crystals and would like to help support the site, please head over to the Donation page.

Thank you to VixenDra and Gryffi for bringing these foreign creatures over to Ostlea and of course thank you as well to Sybil and Rhynn from Mysgardia for creating the originals.
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Thank you for the new creatures~
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"As a king, I cannot allow anything to be more important than my tribe. In my heart, you will never be more important than my people, but you are definitely more important than my life."
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Allow me to mourn and yearn for you for the remaining years of my life, my lovely little Rosie girl……
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many new borks~
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Feel free to contact me about my oddities! Each oddity is 80k silver, or a crystal. Each Doni oddity are 160k silver, or 2 crystals!
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problem... i don't use paypal. (had some trouble with them in the past.) if i try using the "debit/credit card" option, will it still go through paypal?
Thank you.
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(05-02-2019, 12:03 PM)kstormgemini Wrote: cool.
problem... i don't use paypal. (had some trouble with them in the past.) if i try using the "debit/credit card" option, will it still go through paypal?

Yes, you'd still be going through paypal just without the use of an account. If you would still like to donate without the use of it feel free to message me for a mail in option :3
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Good little puppers :3
I love helping with concepts! If you have a creature but no idea what it could be, poke me! I can also spriteline as well ;3

Very nice! Now I can't wait to see what the last of them look like. =D
Hope you'll guys like their Ostlean version as well as the little twist to one of the variants^^
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LOL was coming to remind myself where the last release was from and find a new release - Gryffi yer killin me lol. Back to collecting it is =D

(ty to everyone for pretty new toys)
I'm not done yet swooning over the Maix Gryphons, and we already get ANOTHER amazing creature?  =D heart

Yeah there's no way I'm not naming my six first ones after the GoT Direwolves (but what will I name the other 100000 I'll have to collect?). Lady and Shaggydog already had pups. In Love
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