Important Message
We have some important news for you today!

As of late, Gryffi has had to deal with a lot of real-life issues which leave her unable to tend to her beloved site, Tales of Ostlea.
I myself also haven't been able to spend nearly as much time on here as I should for the daily runnings of the site.

The other staff members have been doing their best to keep up with everything, but it became clear that the site needs a proper admin.

JinxVIII has offered to take up this mantle, and we are very, very grateful to her for this!
However, there is still a limit to what she can do; there are a lot of things only Gryffi knows how to do. Those things aren't as easy to figure out as we'd like them to be (there's a reason Gryffi preferred doing those things herself; much easier that way than having to explain it!).
This means that there will be some changes. While we hope to be able to bring you more regular releases again, we will not be able to do events quite the way we used to. We still try, but they will be much toned down from what you're used to. There may also be some site tweaks, such as changes in release schedules and the like. Feedback is very welcome! And of course let us know if anything doesn't seem the way it should be.

We debated putting the site on hiatus; toning things down seemed the much preferable option for everyone! 

Please be kind to JinxVIII while she gets used to her new position :)

About Donations
This is also something Gryffi managed mostly, and hasn't been able to lately. If you sent a donation and haven't yet received your crystals, please let me or JinxVIII know! Make sure to include the amount you donated and the paypal email address you used, and if possible the (approximate) date you sent it. We will get you your crystals ASAP :)
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As much as we all love the site we all understand real life takes precedence. I'm happy with the decision to tone things down rather than stop altogether, and we'll certainly give Jinx well wishes :3
I love helping with concepts! If you have a creature but no idea what it could be, poke me! I can also spriteline as well ;3

I wish all of you well. Changes happen. I'm an old lady toning this down might make it easier for me to keep up.
do what you gotta. it's not like we're going any where. ^^
Thank you.
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So sorry to learn that Gryffi's troubles persist. I hope she has a brighter time in the future.

However, I'm very glad to hear that the site will continue, even if it is on a lesser basis. I have great confidence that JinxVIII will do well in her new position and that soon ToO will be humming along perfectly!

I've spent many happy hours here, just hoarding my creatures, and look forward to doing so in the days to come. =D
Thank you for letting us know. Happy to know that the site is continuing. Hope everything goes smoothly again.
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In all the sad news, I'm glad to hear the game can go on in peace - my heart would break if it was put down even temporarily (this is how players are put into forgetting and maybe never returning in revival times, and a huge heartbreaker to the dedicated ones who invested a lot into the game - time or money). Thank you sincerely for coming to the current conclusion, and another thanks and best wishes to Jinx on her new postheart

My mind thinks "kickstarter to hire a coder" or the like but I know it's easier thought than achieved - we're a cute but small community (though it doesn't mean there wouldn't be a point in trying anyway - one never knows - sometimes it takes just ONE person :o). Maybe this is where the ads could be reconsidered? (well, I WOULD disable my Adblock for ToO). It's just some loose thinking, nothign more^^;

PS. where should I submit my sprites now Gryffi's officially inavailable? (I was even just 1 finished set short for another SA^^)
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Hmmm...this does not bode well for this site.
Please forgive me if I am not optimistic but I have seen many a site disappear and they all start exactly like this..
Problems, more problems then soon no one wants to keep the site up and it goes.

Please do not misunderstand me, I understand Gryffi has been having problems and they need to be addressed and I am truly hoping things get better for her, it's just that..... I have been on may sites and every single one of them that went offline started just like this.
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I understand the concern, but I'm hopeful this site stays up for years to come. I hope Gryffi is alright and thank you for stepping up, Jinx. As others have said, I'd rather see things toned down than the site disappear entirely.
I hope everything goes well
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