A Brand New Adventure
Hello Tamers of Ostlea! With the beginning of October arrived, a new adventure starts to dawn. From today through the 8th, a young Tamer’s journal entry shall be posted. At the end of each entry will be a Quest Objective. 

Now, while participation is highly encouraged, it is optional. However, it would be lovely to read any and all journal logs you decide to contribute to share your own adventures!

Since this is a slightly different thread, Ostleans will be allowed to share one (1) pet link/image in their post if they decide to follow along with the Quest Objective. 
(This only applies to the obtaining of a pet. Any further updates should be link-less. This is to avoid potential click spam.)

This Journal Belongs To….

Day One: 

Grandpa suggested that I start a journal or diary or log. Whatever this should be called….

I found a rat egg today, my first creature as a full-fledged Tamer. I want to show it off but Grandpa says I should let it stay inside the house where it’s warm for at least a day or two. He says the cold air of Autumn isn’t always kind to baby creatures and that it gets worse come Winter. (As if I didn’t just spend a whole year learning about Tamers.) Well, I’ll just invite friends over, then, to see my new rat. 

Truthfully, I’m a little annoyed that Benny captured a creature first. Actually, I wouldn’t say “captured”; his mom and pop bred a baby Longma and gave it to him as a birthday present. So, I was really the first one among me and my friends. 

Anyways, I guess I should talk about how I found the egg….

Yesterday, I went with Grandpa to the town market. We had to pick up more pastries from the Baker and Grandpa said he needed to collect an item from the Leatherworker. Because I’m twelve, which practically makes me a grownup, Grandpa gave me some coin and let me roam through the market by myself. 

It was mostly just the usual shops and ware-keepers. However, there was a new trader towards the center of the market. A whole bestiary of creatures and eggs were gathered around this one lady’s caravan! All sorts of colors and shapes! Except, I didn’t have enough coin from Grandpa for any of them. That didn’t stop me from studying the beasts, though.

At some point, I noticed a Fuila chasing something, it’s double-tail flicking back and forth. I got closer to it because I wanted to see what it was. It was a rat! Which, looking back now, I guess it makes sense. We get several rats and mice through the town. This one seemed different though, not like any Ash Rat I’m used to seeing. The fur was darker.

Before I could really do anything, the Fuila snatched up the rat and ran off with hardly a sound! I thought that would be it but, when I looked at the ground again, I found the egg. So I grabbed it and hurried to find Grandpa. 

-> Obtain a Rat (Lair Born or Bred today)--Ash, Snow, Black Velvet, any Toxic, or Mutated.
-> Optional--Raise it to 40 clicks.
-> Optional--Name it.
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Here is my Dodgey, I'd like to get the quest with it. : )
I have no idea clicks must be 40 exactly, or it still does count when it went over the said numbers?
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Journal Entry #27 - Oct 2nd

Somehow, I stumbled upon a Black Velvet Rat egg in the oddest of places--a Birb nest in the jungle. I suppose it got confused for the latter and a well-intended Tamer tried "returning" it. I happened upon it because I was trying to locate an injured Maix and lure it back home to be patched up. Unfortunately, most of the nest had gotten destroyed and some of the eggs didn't survive. Truthfully, I thought it had been a Birb egg, too. So it was a shock to discover otherwise when it hatched!

Anyways, I've named the sweet thing Nox. She'll be staying close to me, I think. I'm already growing rather attached to her.

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Meet Buddy. So named for a classroom rat back in elementary school.

I've had a few fragments of story ideas for this site for a couple of years now, so perhaps this will help me knit them together into something more complete.

Buddy belongs to Cora, a youngish Tamer-in-training at the castle. Her eccentric sometimes-mentor Ekaira (because of course I was going to get Ekaira in this somehow - I use her everywhere) gave her a skeleton rat, but Cora's a bit iffy about undead creatures, so she's going with Buddy. (Cora's still not quite sure about Ekaira. Ekaira has always been helpful, if strange, but has a less-than-reassuring collection of creatures and might be something like a necromancer. She certainly looks uncanny enough to be one.)
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