Happy Halloween!
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It’s Halloween at last! This year, we sadly don’t have a quest to play through but we still have a special creature for everyone to be found in a special place. From now through November 7th, there is a unique Shop where you can gather the new Halloween creature. As usual, this creature cannot be fed during the event week.

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"You feel a heavy sense of dread when you hold this plush egg."

Please remember to thank Spatio, XiraCaster, xxBurningxx, and Amphyrre for all of their hard work.
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Thank you for the new creature. Happy Halloween everyone~
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Allow me to mourn and yearn for you for the remaining years of my life, my lovely little Rosie girl……
Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

Special thanks to Spatio, XiraCaster, xxBurningxx, and Amphyrre for bringing us this new creature. =D
Happy Halloween! Can't wait to see the new creature, the egg looks... fluffy. =D
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Happy Halloween! Thanks so much for the new creature, can't wait till it hatches!
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[Image: N3JLnDi.png]*throws it at Mew*

happy halloween folks, hope yall like the fluffy kids
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Happy Halloween alltogether. =3 

Thank you so much for the new eggs. heart
Awww a little late this year XD but Happy Halloween! And yay another new critter ^W^
Hope everyone had a lovely Halloween! heart
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hopely, y'all didn't get the flurries we had when out n about! ^^
Thank you.
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