trading normal creatures with it's opposite gender~~
whyyyyy my lovely wooling and dragoling born out being a female??!?!?  TT_TT
ok fine for my dra, so here's wooy.
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i can give you 5 steaks too if you wish~
(actually i don't even know how the trading room looks like :)
yeah i'll probably update more cuz i have such a luck.
@prettyiggy you have one?? ;v; ??
You can't trade steaks, but you can trade creatures, silver, or crystals.

Go to "Trading Post" (it's under "Explore Ostlea" in the menu on the left side of your lair) and click on "Start a public trade" and add the things you want to offer for trade. You'll get a link that you can post here, so people can offer on your trade. The "Notifications" on top of your lair will show you if you have new offers.
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Hi there :) Going to point out to you that we have a Gender Swap trading thread.
I'll be closing this thread, so be sure to post your trade (info, plus link if applicable) in the Gender Swap.
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