The Alternate World, Ostlea
Ostlean creatures choose characters from other worlds to become tamers
Have you ever wondered what would happen if other characters from different books, movies and video games stumbled into Ostlea? Well it happened and the first two who crossed over didn't expect it. Apparently they both followed a ghostly wolf and ended up in different areas of Ostlea. Who knows what is behind this strange event and why it's happening now. The two finally found each other and it ended up in a big arguement. "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT TIDUS! IF YOU DID NOT CHASE THAT GHOSTLY WOLF THEN WE WOULDN'T BE IN THIS MESS!" the first male yelled at the other. "WELL EXCUSE ME PRINCESS NOCTIS BUT YOU WERE THE ONE WHO DIDN'T FIND A COMPANION!" Tidus yelled at Noctis. The two were clearly upset at each other and it only got worse when the Ghastshade Orthus that accompanied Noctis approached Tidus. It gave him a scary glare with both of it's heads. Tidus did not like this and whistled for a Deeplake Wyrm. This only made the arguement even worse. The two creatures started fighting with each other as their tamers continued to argue.

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