New Discoveries! [April 10th, 2020
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A new discovery has been made in the world of Ostlea!

These new creatures can be found residing in the Mystic Caverns and Elegema Forest where they will be mass dropping until Monday at 4:59AM by the site's clock. Please note you will not be able to use food on these creatures until the mass drop has ended. This is a permanent release.

[Image: 72dc935266956d8e15939f1af0be5507.png][Image: 40df376e2206e55d57d8d5791e897f36.png]
This small egg smells musty and feels soft to the touch."

Enjoy and don't forget to thank UserofShadows for bringing us these new creatures!
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Great, 2 new creatures. :)
New thiiiiiiiings
I love helping with concepts! If you have a creature but no idea what it could be, poke me! I can also spriteline as well ;3

Thanks for it :)
Such good news! And special thanks to UserofShadows for them. =D
new frens!
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Feel free to contact me about my oddities! Each oddity is 80k silver, or a crystal. Each Doni oddity are 160k silver, or 2 crystals!
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Yay, new creatures! Thank you!
Yay, thanks for the new creatures~
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What a nice surprise! Now I'm looking forward to tuesday! =D
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oh my! i made it in time for once!
the eggs are so pretty. i'm really looking forward to seeing what they're going to look like as they grow.
Danke to those working on the stuffis! heart
Thank you.
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