New Discovery! [May 8th, 2020]
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A new discovery has been made in the world of Ostlea!

Alameda's Menagerie has received a new shipment! This brand new creature filling their shelves can be yours for the price of 1,700 Silver [Image: silver.png].
This is a permanent release and CAN be fed.

[Image: 5b195f4901093f3269f2713473c95d29.png]
Spring Frost Dragon
"Blue and green decorates this cool silver egg."

Enjoy and don't forget to thank Ignivea & Qahnaarin for bringing us these new creatures!
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Thanks for the new creature~
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"As a king, I cannot allow anything to be more important than my tribe. In my heart, you will never be more important than my people, but you are definitely more important than my life."
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Allow me to mourn and yearn for you for the remaining years of my life, my lovely little Rosie girl……
Oh! Dragons! =D Oh, they can be fed! =D
Thank you, everyone involved!
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Thank you.
cool. danke!
Thank you.
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Dragons! Whoooo! =3 Thank you! heart
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Ooh! How exciting! Time to get a few silver then purchase that new egg.
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Alright, a new dragon! Time to start clicking again so I can get some Silver. Thank you for the release, and thank you to the spriters!
New creatures are always cool! Thank you Ignivea & Qahnaarin. =D

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