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Hi everyone,

I've been meaning to get this posted recently. Tales of Ostlea would love to have as much help as we can get. Some staff artists and writers have since been inactive due to real life concerns taking priority. As such, much of the work in designing new creatures has begun to fall upon two or three consistent staff members.

I'd like to extend a "Help Wanted" to our userbase. Our Creature Guidelines thread holds all of the information creators might need to know--as well as artist contracts. (Note: volunteering your help does not come with joining the staff.)

We could use any writers and artists that are willing to offer their aid. Members are encouraged to create concepts, descriptions/creature information, sketches, and sprites.

Much of this work would be done privately/secretly as anything posted to the public forums would need to wait for some time after completion (and after being removed from sight) before release. However, players can still make use of the public forums for creature concepts if they choose.

If you're interested, please post to this thread with some samples of your art and/or writing and I or another staff member will send you a message.

Thank you,

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I'd be happy to help out with sprites here and there! I can't guarantee too much of my time, but I wouldn't mind tossing more things into the site, or spriting for the concepts of others.

Some samples (one of which you already know for sure)-

[Image: NgljexN.png]
[Image: zHpOd8F.png][Image: 1NyrZrf.png]
[Image: lWmgC8R.png](<- this one was my entry to DC's Easter Event last year)
[Image: qsXKUdu.png](<- random alt black from DC because I wanted to see it in another pose)
[Image: RkhU2gF.png]

Feel free to ask if you'd like to see more, though I don't really have too many more in the same realistic style as the site. Most of my stuff tends to be on the simpler side, kinda like Mysgardia stuff (though I like ToO slightly more as a site...)
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:) I've sent a message to you, UserOfShadows.
Please call me Val.
I'm just a lurking Skittle.
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