Corvus' Wishlist
just another edgelord's pixel creature dreams
[Image: 0AZkQQv.png]
Hello, welcome to my wishlist! This is more just for me so that I know what things I desire and am working towards. I am not great at determining prices and how much things are worth, so my ability to offer worthy trades and all of that is limited. Just know that if you wish to trade with me, haha! I am in no rush to gather these creatures, really, so like I say, this is almost more for me than anything else. Of course, help along the way is always appreciated and adored!

For real, this is more of a "which ones do I like again?" reference list, because I am a forgetful person and have legitimately spent ages staring at an egg trying to remember if that's the egg for a creature I like or if it's something I'm not so interested in collecting. Hence why, in some cases, I will have creatures listed that I already have in my lair, because, well, I love them and I might want more, or if I see an egg for that creature type, I'll probably wanna grab it just because it's cool.

The types of creatures I like on Tales of Ostlea (and anywhere else, really) are: Edgy, Spooky, Frightening, and generally Unsettling beasties. If and when new creatures are released in that vein, I will almost certainly be interested in acquiring them! 

[Image: brz7Hdd.png]
I have literally one thing that I collect. It's Birbs. 
[Image: 8d2a12496c5d738abc7be805e90e2d5a.png][Image: 00a060739cbe8980cb2b44433ba91482.png]

For Birbs, I am looking for Lairborn ones, and I am not (typically) actively buying them, but instead am willing to acquire my flock of small, corvid-like beasties through trading, grabbing eggs, and other such means. If you are selling your Birbs, though, I might be interested, but I am usually saving my money for larger purchases such as the other creatures listed on this thread.

[Image: zcARQEy.png]
There are many creatures I like, yes, even the ones that are easier to get. 
Several of these I already have at least one of, but a favorite is a favorite, and I... just love the looks of these.
I organized these by size instead of by anything else, for visual reasons and because I'm a nerd,
but I enjoy the creatures and the stages shown below (Lairborn only) :
[Image: 654c0b0269aebecc16af37edcb86fbaa.png][Image: 0ba7e2c7b9ca04297d883f4ffd2c33bf.png][Image: a4eda0eb579576466cf371a8efd55c15.png][Image: 6864042b50f5f025d6144422032a34db.png][Image: 99558e72d2214a076009f4b2f7c6c4c3.png][Image: d7562d291e3a39cf96d39acbb6415b93.png][Image: 982e7c6388f650bc2321bfcf20b26c3e.png][Image: 90c2ab865f42c7b8df9c71e906204078.png][Image: 23d1b34cd38a95cfed43822fee141162.png]
[Image: 5d41d440d426589939d6137be40d1599.png][Image: 33380d06950485629667a50440e6800a.png][Image: 9105bfd13cd0643cf578564d05263a2c.png][Image: 6ddf975f5a4721eddd360b5db5b96743.png][Image: 0621578d239724fc9e94825102095cb1.png][Image: 8dabc172e45c23ccf81f18acbca961b3.png][Image: c9471d3d1ee0a576e8af47834e73c54b.png][Image: 779220491f436fb61e559da18deb5dfa.png][Image: a1bb47577ac97e594be158be6b3a6b8c.png][Image: be53919ecbf8cb3e2bedb6487891ab06.png]
[Image: f1b3dbada9a4fcde2939ccd650067a2a.png][Image: 9f3155a09b7701a3168057b008ac9ccc.png][Image: 8a26ce3425a70a2daf1ba3d098af6e77.png][Image: 8f4abe792289fae801d2ba6eb1705da8.png][Image: f03fbf7b7be8976b43ac41968dcc8b4d.png][Image: d6c5a7260f51ff3eac2d8b86397bf9c4.png]
[Image: c9ddd54a25c4b4c75c8ca7ffe37fe855.png][Image: ef374cdec53e7dd66b3664fa31d9b921.png][Image: 5b56610e1108b2a8e963a2e57a4c45f2.png][Image: 7ec8d3eb303be5fd9412cf1c192c862b.png][Image: 7e5fece8333315c68818447477072a2d.png][Image: a7b0af34c38a744df1e35808adfe78cc.png]
[Image: 079f280b94b3e486b071d59db1620474.png][Image: c5996cc4fd641313bb0cbd734c24196d.png][Image: 2445894a26473001d9ed4e234f99d102.png][Image: 61b915d43772edbd620a749251f93522.png][Image: 794cdba47a7c98a60189d840efd1808b.png][Image: 36c6d304258260931fa61a8917b852c6.png]
[Image: 9f1f00b46cd3282d57043921988cc9f5.png][Image: a922e7377d5003c289738efb3e19d5fc.png][Image: 7aa1d8e195e538097ed57b23cefa07bd.png][Image: e95d2bab09750ba1b5124d45180b5bbb.png][Image: 3ab33c1eb3c4ddbdd3432d57cac9a66a.png]

[Image: EUfCgq2.png]
I am super excited about Oddities - the dream would be to design one myself, haha!
That said, though, the ones on the site are fantastic, I have so many I wanna get my hands on.
Of course, due to their rarity and price, these are going to be something I am pursuing when I can.
 I would like these to be the lowest possible gens, but honestly, I will take what I can get (and what, if anything, I can afford).
These are listed in no particular order, though I am most interested in Hellaios oddities and those Boogie Boos!
[Image: eeef5384d78b02ba6bf193bc1acc888d.png][Image: d77e41fc39e9f75b0b03c59ff17d894c.png][Image: a81933d56a883c7b916fd0c811120b50.png][Image: 6eaa9394b450d735a8ab0d8c6b7a1156.png][Image: bc67ffe3b0278c00892a20880eb2752c.png]
[Image: 8c20260d11599db3880a5ce1cc477014.png][Image: bea0aa6458a510d397d1cf8722239f6a.png][Image: 3fc3bf8d58984bd876aec3f93c5db18d.png][Image: 7c73527b2fd25704db12f9376a1c2faf.png][Image: 801aed335a882212004ff4fab35d7fba.png][Image: 254b2da3624a07c758f47690a91a2a83.png][Image: 7688f1e86cc6e15ea6a80f450d31eb1a.png][Image: 3241ba874a6cbfbd56b04a67937c54a5.png]
[Image: b352f50277f5d39365cf4c34a0c65d89.png][Image: 2c6071336adfefc13b5420dc99adc020.png][Image: 53cebfc282e3fcb1ae18219227891cd2.png][Image: 4eaf1c931d4d18dfaa3e3f0f889cc72b.png][Image: 13b36f226550ce1d0f568ac165dcc8b8.png][Image: 767e887a09666e24cc4a03249ce1ce21.png]
[Image: 6c3bfdcfe001ac752590067b84b55466.png][Image: b27e0cd70b2b38344d131f0f63bf8d56.png][Image: 280252025db4e0a24c876a76a0ce3a5e.png][Image: b7f971dcb0ae5a5367e68cf7d16050e3.png][Image: 7a3bb162e330fb9bd06b6fdbdd55e605.png][Image: 884db4e947c702703f27dce8d0202c3a.png]

[Image: 2JPXNBI.png]
I missed plenty of ToO's events, especially those early ones from 2016 and prior.
And anything from 2017 through 2020, to be honest. I'm not very consistent about playing things.
I am hoping to get a nice collection of (mostly Halloween) Event creatures to rectify that!
Super interested in Lairborn versions of these - even if I already have them, though
currently owned ones will be lower priority.
[Image: 73c7651f9b64160c64afce7c6b9433cb.png][Image: 05e7267c24cd98f7d1bd7e72eeaa57a1.png][Image: 2464b57cad90ecfb05429705ff3ceb0e.png][Image: 783811456d052f4234825be733859bcc.png][Image: 1e0edb7f22a92b1abfdbed87f73717a5.png][Image: eb3c21ce08504528ea2948d9df3a7e24.png][Image: dca9d61bb8c2768d2b8eba80c68d6f01.png][Image: da8e9884bd69f6e490534254ee3abdb3.png][Image: 5919d4d7e38478de2295ca1927841109.png]

[Image: GdNCEtS.png]
I have yet to purchase crystals on this site, so I'm missing all the fantastic creatures bought with that method. 
Should I acquire Crystals, I'll be looking to buy these guys!

[Image: ec30047b6876e9e03cbe1508edf1f17d.png][Image: b6895d031228711852bde7b99f47f510.png][Image: 7ac01b1e775ba333330da0a707d20c4d.png][Image: 4e46c357481e912a05c2e3468ab84daa.png][Image: 2e00eb767a38b77342a27000e689a863.png]
[Image: 59188b0277d5e3b16feb753382b61012.png][Image: f001cd0db77055cca12dfec4f7a105e1.png][Image: 6bf64e3eff5928f918c71d8696933546.png][Image: ddcd31434d660797ff84b51a8a94947f.png]

For right now, that's it, that's the Wishlist! It's big, because I have been off this site for many years, but hey, I'm back, and I'm back with a vengeance... kinda. More "back and determined to collect creatures," but "with a vengeance" sounded cooler, and I'm absolutely the type of person who will use the cooler word. xD I am also not certain which, if any, of these desired creatures are going to be impossible to get, nor am I certain exactly how much I will end up paying in Silver for all of these. Let's just say, well, I have a lot of clicking to do to achieve my "edgelord lair" dreams. heart
Hello! I'm going through wish lists to see if I can fulfill any and re-home my excess creatures. I'm not really looking for anything for them. I'm happy to just give them away. Below is a list of everything on your list that I currently have. I've included frozen hatchlings of creatures in case you want to adopt them and unfreeze them. It's ok if not. Alternatively you could give me the amount of money needed to buy the necessary potions and I could unfreeze them for you then trade them if you would prefer. I can also feed them to adult if you pay me for food. Otherwise you can just take the adults if you want. =D

I have:
1x Adult Sus (Male, LB)
1x Adult Hellaios (Male, LB)
5x White Spector Wolf Hatchlings (Ungendered, LB, Frozen at 40 clicks)
1x Adult White Spector Wolf (Female, LB)
1x Adult Umbral Aghirro Fish (Male, LB) [Also have two male LB hatchlings frozen at 65 clicks if interested]
16x Obsidian Ailura hatchlings (Ungendered, LB, Frozen below 50 clicks) [If interested]
1x Adult Possessed Dracodoll (Male, LB)
2x Adult Shell Piercer (1 Male, 1 Female, LB) [Also have two LB hatchlings frozen at 40 clicks if interested]
3x Frost Jackal hatchlings (Ungendered, LB, Frozen below 50 clicks) [If interested]
1x Adult Mistwanderer (Female, LB) [Also have 20 LB hatchlings frozen below 50 clicks if interested]
1x Adult Phantasm Feline (Male, LB) [Also have 22 LB hatchlings frozen below 50 clicks if interested]

6x Adult Birb (3 Red-Eyed [2 Male, 1 Female], 3 Green-Eyed [Female], LB)
92x Birb hatchlings (Ungendered, LB, Most frozen below 50 clicks, both eye types) [If interested]
To be the very best, like no one ever was. That is my dream.

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