The Creature Symposium Begins!
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For the fifth year in a row, the country's greatest explorers have gathered together to bring you all something BIG! The Creature Symposium! For an entire week, we'll be ignoring the way things are typically done around here and instead be flooding you with new additions to our magical little world!

Starting today and ending on July 29th, a brand new creature will be showcased each day, along with information on where they can be found! We are aware this might seem a bit overwhelming for the average tamer, but fret not! Each of these new creatures can be fed right away and, though they will not be mass dropping in their respective locations, they will be dropping commonly for four weeks before returning to their intended rarities. Some of you might notice that this is longer than the two-week "grace period" in previous years. That's because several of the creatures planned for this week have multiple variants. All of these creatures ARE permanent releases and will not disappear from the shops/biomes after this event!

Our last day sees the release of a new exotic creature, with two variants, now being stocked in Alameda's Menagerie. They are being sold for 1 crystal [Image: Crystal.png] each.

[Image: 496f413d70822e3b47185a0dacc259f1.png][Image: fd7a9b552f223deac1fbd739f6ce6591.png]
"It's almost as if the markings on this egg were painted on."

If you're in need of Crystals and would like to help support the site, please head over to the Donation page.

This year has been a challenge, a difficult time, or an undesired adventure for everyone--physically, mentally, and many financially. That is why, from now until August 31st, every Ostlean can redeem two codes at the Trading Post and receive one of each variant as a gift.

1. staysafeostlea
2. stayhealthyostlea

Enjoy and don't forget to thank ZioCorvid for bringing us this new creature!

Small update: All rat types can now be Zenithed. Ascension is no longer restricted to "ordinary" and potion alt breeds; all rat hybrids can be Zenithed, too.
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All hail new thiiiiiiings
I love helping with concepts! If you have a creature but no idea what it could be, poke me! I can also spriteline as well ;3

[blinks a little] having those first two together like that, kind of looks like somebody with insomnia staring at us. XD
Thank you.
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happy Symposium week! enjoy the shiny new critters!

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Feel free to contact me about my oddities! Each oddity is 80k silver, or a crystal. Each Doni oddity are 160k silver, or 2 crystals!
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Happy Symposium! Thank you for the new creatures~
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Lots of new critters coming!
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Confused Game goal:
Phase 1: 1 LB pair per breed/variant *_*  (done \owo/ )
Phase 2: all stage frozens bred from my very LB pairs :3  (almost done =D)
Phase 3: all stages of SAs, all 2g PB, (possibly) unrelated adults Blush (WIP, Seeking trades and offers!)
Phase 4: last crack eggs :o (barely started, SAs in focus)
>Progress HERE<

Primary Lair? The 3 Kingdoms! wink

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How exciting! I can't wait to see them all. =D
not seeing them in the cove yet, time for some stalking
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Today's creatures are wonderful! Thank you Ashywolf. =D
The second creature has been released and is now dropping :)
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