Ostlea Roleplay Rules and Information
Welcome to the Ostlea Roleplay section! Here, you will find RPs specifically relating to Ostlea and its inhabitants.

  1. Follow all Tales of Ostlea forum rules.
  2. Do not spam.
  3. Do not advertising.
  4. Avoid chat speaking or text talking.
  5. Try to use proper grammar and spelling.
  6. Do not use any threads as fictional chatter, roleplay.
  7. Only bump a topic once every 24 hours of the last post.
If you see someone spamming a thread, use the report function at the bottom right corner of each post. Otherwise, leave it be. Responding to spam only adds more spam to a thread. 

Out of character comments must be on topic relating to the thread. If there are irrelevant comments that are much longer than relevant ones, the post will be deemed as spam.

Rule Breaking:
If someone is breaking the rules (be it to the forums or your roleplay) and they refuse to listen to you, please use the report function. If the situation doesn't get resolved quickly, please PM a moderator and someone will take care of the situation when able.

OOC Threads
  1. Character sheets.
  2. Discussion about plot.
  3. Update announcements.
  4. Critiques, questions, or general discussion about the RP.
  5. Summarizing recent events that occurred IC.
  6. Announcements of comings and goings. (However, the replies are not.)
  1. Small, irrelevant posts. (ex. "I posted" or "I edited")
  2. Off-topic chatting. We have a PM system as well as a shoutbox that you can use.
  3. OOC roleplay of your characters.
If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please don't hesitate to ask.
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