Transformed (accepting)
"Amanda! You were supposed to signal!"

I sighed and stuck earbuds into my ears, turning my iPod on. Dad let my sister drive home from picking me up, I had gone to a church retreat for the weekend, and that meant going down a major highway. I know that she had to learn sometime, but I would not be surprised if she slammed into somebody, or vise-versa. I just hope that I make it home; I have dragons and creatures to care for, anime and Steven Universe to watch. All the while, I secretly hoped that the cutie I met there would sign up for Facebook and send a friend request to keep in contact. Not likely at all, but one could imagine, no? I turned the music up, drowning out the sound of my dad's voice.....

My music was cut short by the awful sound of screeching tires, shattering glass and crunching metal. Ugh, I knew this would happen! When all motion stopped, I snarled as I unbuckled and looked see a cloaked figure with a large weapon- a scythe, who uses those anymore? -standing in front of me. I tried to see if my sister and dad were still there, but darkness enveloped my vision and I plunged into nothingness.


I woke up in a strange place...surrounded by fire.

Now that woke me up fully. I looked around, startled and terrified. Did the car burst into flames?, the sky was pitch black. Was that even a sky? 

Something reached out of the fire, something half-rotten. I questioned my sanity as the thing made its way into the ring of space, which was slowly getting smaller. Was that some sort of zombie? It must have been,, that wasn't a human zombie. It was draconic...okay, I must be going crazy!

The zombie-like dragon thing stumbled foward, its jaws wide open. I slowly inched back until I hit something, and it wasn't fire. I jumped foward and turned around to see another zombie, and the first one knocked me down. Ah, what kind of nightmare was this?! Or was this hell? Should I have believed in Christianity to avoid this? Was I wrong to believe in science?

By now, the ring of space became so small that the zombies' tails swished in and out of the fire. I knew my time was done, so I closed my eyes and waited for the zombies to claw my brains out or whatever.

By some miracle, I was still alive when I heard a swoosh and a screech. I shipped my eyes open to see a great, winged figure land and swipe the zombies aside. When the bones clacked as the zombies landed, the fire suddenly turned blue, and that's when I really thought I was crazy.

The thing that saved was an Interstellar dragon, a doni from Ostlea?! I stood up and gaped in awe. The majestic creature was more than double my height, and it slowly walked towards me. In some unknown instinct, I walked towards the beast, and suddenly...we walked into each other, but I didn't feel a bump.

Holy crap. We merged.

I felt power surge into my body as blacked out once more.


Once again, I woke up, and this time I expected the worst. I curled up and closed my find nothing happen. Grunting, I stood up...only to feel super awkward with extra weight on my back. I wobbled and shook, then fell again. I lifted my head- which was connected to my body with a long  neck -and inspected myself.
Wait a second. How was Interstellar dragon myself?
I recalled the memory of merging with the beast, and thought...was I dreaming?
First one up. Thanks for fetching them, Tuls.
I looked over to a tall, black-haired man and a cloaked figure. I snarled, recognizing the cloaked figure as the one who approached me after the car accident. The cloaked person muttered something along the lines of "don't call me that" and walked off. Go die in a hole, ass-hat. 

The man walked towards me. Greetings. Welcome to Ostlea. I see your transformation was successful?
Shut up, you as- I started to hiss, before I looked around...and saw that I wasn't alone.
I saw many other creatures waking up slowly, and I was sure by then that I had gone crazy. This was not possible. Ostlea is a game, it can't exist!
You're not alone. he remarked, and my eyes only grew wider. Anyways, you have all been selected for a very special mission. Do the names Gryffi and LaHaine ring a bell?
My heart skipped a beat. Gryffi?! Could I actually see her?!
Ostlea is in danger. You're the only ones who can save us. I'd ask you if you are ready, but you have to be; there's no turning back now.


You're a state of the art Internet user, whether constant or occasional, and you're a member of Tales of Ostlea. You collect, hatch and raise creatures and do what you wish with them. You participate in forum activities, make friends and the occasional enemy. One day, you thought that everything was normal, until something happened- whether a car crash or a simple stroll in the park -and you were confronted with a cloaked figure. You plunged into a terrifying nightmare-  whether you were naked at work or surrounded by warfare- and were saved by a creature from Ostlea. In the nightmare, you and the creature merged together, and then you woke up in an area with others. woke up as the creature that saved you. 

There's no turning back for you. You have to save Ostlea or die trying.


You play as yourself, but remember to not share personal information! It's your choice whether or not you use a nickname, your actual first name or a chunk of your username. Just be careful, okay?
Your character lived in the modern world before being transformed into an Ostlean creature. So, they should not know the land of Ostlea or anything besides what is said in the Library. The character should not know anything else besides what was disclosed.
Oh, since you play the character, it is recommended you roleplay in first person.


Oh...yeah. Most of that stuff will be revealed in-roleplay, but here's a basic rundown.
Ostlea is in trouble, and I'm sure you got that memo by now. Anyways, Gryffi and LaHaine, the great leaders of Ostlea, have vanished. In the modern world, you probably knew these two as the admins of ToO. However, in this world, they're the leaders. Their vanishing may lead the transformed into speculation; What happened to them in real life?
The answer to that will be revealed. Somehow.
Anyways, you have to find this force and beat it away.

All the characters each have magic literally running through their veins. They each have a "Seer" ability as well. You may recognize this power when you create an Original Character. Sometimes, the first vision isn't correct, and it changes until you receive the correct image- this is, in simpler terms, known as developing your OC. So, somewhere in Ostlea, your character exists. Your turned character may want to find them, they may not.

This is likely to be a pretty lenient roleplay. However, I do have plenty of rules.

•Tales of Ostlea Forum rules apply.
•No, your character is not god. Likely, your character won't know what they're doing for a while. Your character cannot land every hit and dodge every hit. If you're fighting, give the other player a chance to dodge. Likewise, the opponent cannot dodge all the time
•Absolutely DO NOT control other characters, read their minds (i.e. person A guesses what person B is thinking) or just so happen to be there and hear a private conversation. Say, if Big Baddie and his sidekick were making plans, don't have Goodie Goodie suddenly be right there and hear everything. And no, your character cannot guess an enemy's' plan in five minutes. Don't think about it.
•Nobody is sonic fast. Your character cannot just fly from one side of the planet to the other in one single post, without a large amount of description.
•Right after transformation, your character has to be confused and cannot move perfectly. 
•Do not argue when you're clearly in the wrong. If I am wrong, that's okay.
•Your characters can be bitter enemies. But please, don't exert your hate for another person on the topic (notice how I didn't say rival. I think rivals are somewhat of a gimmick, which brings me to my next rule)
•No cheesy moves or gimmicks. This is a roleplay, not a movie. Also, no characters that are supposed to be the "main" characters. Every character is important in their way, they all affect the progression of the roleplay. However, if something important evolves over time, I'm cool.
•Oh yeah, keep in mind that I like things that progress over time. But not in two pages. Maybe fifteen or twenty.
•Okay, the topic of romance. I'm cool with it, but don't get sexual unless you're fading out the scene. No insta-romance, romance takes time to develop. and please, keep in mind that some members are uncomfortable with playing romance or just can't do it well. 
•Ask somebody if you can kill their character before doing so.
•You can have as many characters as you wish, even if they're not transformed.
•We go by an introduction post system here. You introduce your character through a post and not a sheet, and you describe them as you go. In your very first post, you must describe what your character was doing in the modern world before they were confronted by the cloaked guy, the nightmare they experienced, the merging with the creature, and waking up wherever you are told to wake up.
•If you decide to leave, you must play out the death of your characters. This may take a few posts to get to a fatal situation.
•Rules are most defidently subject to change, addition or removal.
•Please include the word "Frontier" in OOC brackets when you make your first post so I know you read the rules. 
•I highly suggest you read the information below


Your characters will wake up in a shallow cave with a wide opening. Beyond that is a thick forest, and a steep cliff below.
 You will be waking at around dawn. 

Note: While this is a list of breeds being used for the Transformed, there is not a limit of one per Transformed. However, this is here for you to help make your decision.
Colors/variations will be treated as separate species

Interstellar dragon(1)
Possessed Dracodoll(1)
Jewelviper [Verdant](1)
Gemeater bat [Obsidian]
Fenn [Normal](1)
Phantasm Feline(1)
Gemeater Bat [Amethyst]
Golden Longma [Black Alternate](1)
Storm Herlad(1)

Sections will always be added, so keep checking back!

Time to save Ostlea, or die knowing you tried. It's partially your choice.
I've been inactive for a while. Hopefully I'm back for good.

Star Wars fanart would be nice.
Ryuu stretched and yawned, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as a glaring white screen reflected on the dark windows behind them. The clock read 3:20 AM, and the sky was still black. On the computer blinked an unread message, yet to be opened. Ryuu brushed his long hair out of his face and began typing, but soon later stopped, sniffing at the air. Smoke? 
He quickly stood up and ran towards the front door, only to fall back as acrid smoke and blistering heat suffused the atmosphere.
"Oh s***," he muttered. "This is how I go?" His vision swam and his head pounded as the thick smoke eventually filled his lungs, and he collapsed.

Ryuu was in a small room. Now, he didn't mind small spaces, but he minded small spaces getting smaller. 
The walls crushed in around him, and breathing became difficult. Growing closer and closer- until they stopped moving and a small snout suddenly protruded from a small hole in the wall. The hole grew larger and larger until a diminutive dragon popped through.
Hold on a sec, though. He knew this creature.
"A Possessed Dracodoll," he said dryly, a hint of a smile at his lips. "Dusk."
The dragon squawked and scrambled towards him, not colliding but gliding smoothly into one another.

He fell unconcious again.

With a sigh, Ryuu opened his eyes, expecting it to be a dream, but startled back when he saw a (to him) huge Interstellar Dragon looming over him, seemingly talking to a group of people. He caught the words "Gryffi," and "Ostlea," and decided to get up and see what was going on.
Immediately he tripped over his own stubby paws, and into the giant Interstellar's back.


[Sorry if I'm rusty, it's been awhile since I've roleplayed. Also, it's very hard for me to RP in first person, so please forgive the 3rd person.]
[Image: plushie.gif]
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"Did I tell you... About when I was at Hawaii when we were -Suzy and I- were trying to relax and then right behind us there were these REALLY loud New Yorkers?"
I was watching a "Best of Game Grumps" fan compilation of Dan and Arin playing Super Mario 64. It was a rough day at school, no doubt about it. My friend Chandler is frustrated at me for just shushing her, I found out I didn't do so good on a test I studied hours for, AND to top it off... I'm out of lunch money. That may not seem so bad, but after the jokes my dad makes when I ask him for some cash to put into my lunch account, it gets to the point where you eat PBJ sandwiches with ten dollars on your account just so you do not have to hear them. The jokes make me feel like I am doing nothing with my life, even with struggling to keep my grades up. Anyways, I paused the video to get up and check on my dogs. It has been an hour since they've gone outside and they probably are itching to try and get the rabbit under the deck. I decide to let them out, taking my time to get to the kitchen since I have nothing on my agenda for the night. After opening the door and dodging the dogs to prevent them from scratching up my feet while they try to replicate The Flash's speed,  I grab a drink from the refrigerator. While scoping out my choices, the door to the garage opens and I hear foot steps approach me. Turning to greet the individual who I thought was my mom, I am greeted with a rag that gives off a sweet odor.
My head feels foggy, but I am used to receiving dizzy spells so I push back any worries of the cause for the fogginess to be the rag's smell.
"Mom? Dad? What is this?" I question, slightly laughing. Why would either of them bring a rag like this home? Were they having a party and this was part of a game?? The answers I wanted to hear would never be answered, as right after I asked what was in on the rag, the figure shoved my face into it and smothered me. Forced to breathe the stench, I blacked out, catching only a glimpse of a black cloak as I fell into darkness.

Chirping... Insects buzzing... What??
Slowly regaining consciousness, I open my eyes slightly to meet a Riparian Ailura's own pair. Obviously, this was a dream so I went with it. Tales of Ostlea. Website game. Got it, I know my surrounding, I must be in the jungle. One problem is why is this Ailura growling at me??? I quickly get up to my feet, putting distance between my face  and the Ailura's. Being close to six feet has its advantages sometimes! Not when hiding though...
Backing away, I try my best to recall any training when encountering a wild feline. Nothing comes up whatsoever, since they don't teach you that in school. Dogs have always been my favorite go-to animal, so maybe this is my punishment from Simba. I'm sorry man! The hyenas were on to something though I swear!
The one thing I do know is that this Ailura was not in the mood for settling out whether a cat or a dog is better for a pet, it was in the mood to protect its kin and kill. My life sucks.
The Ailura's eyes were not focused on me though, but on something behind me. Cautiously, I look behind me to see- ... Nothing?? I mean, we are certainly surrounded by different trees and plants, along with the bugs and birds, but there is literally nothing threatening here!
What is this Ailura freaking out about? I see nothing except for the greenery and the purple branches that are flowing in the bree- Oh...
There is no breeze in a jungle... Am I stupid or what?
Focusing harder now, I can see the body of a verdant Jewelviper, tasting the air with its tongue every few seconds. Oh man! Not a freaking snake! They shed, and are poisonous! Snakes are cool, just not when they're super close to you! Stuck in-between two deadly animals is not something I recommend doing, unless you literally only have two options and it is the answer to a "Would you rather...?" question.
Wait... This is a dream! I'm good and safe! I can do what I want! I LOVE these types of dreams! And so with new found confidence, I march up to that Jewelviper, who stares at me with its eyes as if it knows something I don't. Pffft. It's a snake in my own dream, it can not know anything I don't, that would make it not a dream!
The Riparian Ailura makes loud hissing sounds and growls, which progressively get louder as I draw closer and closer to the snake. I look back at it while walking up to its foe, putting my left arm out so I know when I hit either the Jewelviper, or the tree that it has slithered up to. My palm feels the bark of the tree, so I turn carefully to face the verdant Jewelviper inch its head closer and closer to mine until we tou- why am I not feeling its spikes? Everything is getting so bright... I'm getting light headed again.
Oh for frick's sake, what the heck is happening to me? This better not be a side effect of my medication or I am going to have a very deep conversation with my doctor!

Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.
Pain everywhere, and an itchy back is what I wake up to when consciousness finally comes back to me. I really hope that is not going to become a frequent thing, because I would rather hear my parents make jokes about me and want me to laugh at them, than do this every hour or so. It'd be the best if I could just... Itch... This darn.. Stupid..! Itch!!
Thanks to my attempts, I am not upside down on my back. Why? I don't know, but what I do know is that this is not my kitchen floor. It would be surprisingly much cleaner than this... dirt floor? Okay. Hold up. Now, seriously what is happening? Where is my phone? I gotta look at it and see what time and day it was and to hopefully call someone to get me out of here.
You know what sucks? It's feeling like you're moving a limb that you are SUPPOSE to have on your HUMAN body and then realizing that you do NOT have that limb because you are NOT in your HUMAN body. That's what I am feeling right now. I am feeling that! I didn't even know you could feel that!!! I have no pants, shirt, nothing! I'm just a flimsy freaking-! ...
Wait, what am I?
Okay... I'm green... and with purple stri- Oh GOD! I'm the snake, the freaking verdant Jewelviper!! How do I even MOVE? I begin trying to do ANYTHING that involved not being still; jumping, fliying, doing a barrel roll, looking up and down, doing the worm. I mean literally anything. Whilst squirming, I bump my head into what looks to be the a man? Can't tell with the cloak. Yep, man. Or well male? He has black-hair.
He looks at me with what appears to be joy in his eyes. I look to him with what I hope to be fear that is screaming "Help me fair dude, I am trapped in a snake body. If anything, how do I move?" This attempt did not work out.
The man completely ignores me as he walks by approaching an Interstellar dragon. Upon seeing the large beast, I look around and notice there are others. All different species, some that I recognize, while others I can't make out what they are. He and the dragon appear to exchange a few words, but none I could make out until he finally
speaks out.
"Anyways, you have all been selected for a very special mission. Do the names Gryffi and LaHaine ring a bell?"
Gryffi, is a radical person who is my internet guardian! It's official, and cool. I know! LaHaine works with Gryffi, though I have never gotten the pleasure of meeting them... Until
now perhaps??
"Ostlea is in danger. You're the only ones who can save us. I'd ask you if you are ready, but you have to be; there's no turning back now."

Awwwww fudgeballs. Time to live my nightmare of being a serpent. At least this has nothing to do with writing essays.
[Is this too long? I kinda got into it... Maybe too much... I'll trim it up nicely if I need to. It's been a while since I've been in the roleplaying frontier if you get me?]
[EDIT 1.7: Esko: I hope this helps with the weird confusion you had? c':]
The Local Shark Fanatic
Check out my lair!
The Day Everyone Died and Davey was Alone!!
Officially protected by Gryffi, my internet Guardian!
Walking through the park was always such a nice experience, especially since I was almost always alone.
But today, I was regretting the lack of fellow people in the empty patch of grass hidden from the street by a sparse patch of grass.
I hadn't had a real conversation with anyone since the cashier had said hello to me when I was shopping.
In other words, I was very, very lonely.
Tired of walking, I decided to sit down one the single worn bench that the park boasted of.
I flicked open by book, but the words on the page made no contact with my distracted mind, and I tried to set it down on the wood beside myself
But I over-balanced and sent myself toppling onto the ground.

It was dark when I sat up and immediately I knew something was drastically wrong.
The ground was stone, where had been grass, rocky walls rose and met in a low arch over my head, where had been sky
A fluttering squeak drew my gaze upwards towards the little bat hanging from a stalagmite.
"Hey there," I greeted it. I have a problem with speaking to people, but animals?
Different story.
But back to the bat.
With a quiet whisper of her black wings she glided down to the floor, giving me pause
"Have I seen you somewhere little one?"
then it hit me "You're a Gemeater bat! From ostlea..... the computer game?"
Before my bewilderment could grow, the tiny creature fluttered to my knee and everything changed.

A swift darkness passed in front of my eyes, then everything changed, I could no longer feel my separate fingers, they seemed to be welded together; when I stretched out my arms, they too seemed fastened to my sides.
My eyes shot open.
I looked over.
A wing where should have been an arm and hand.
I had merged with the bat.
I should have been panicking, but this was too cool!
Hopping awkwardly I stumbled to the entrance of the cave where the pale light of dawn reached in.
Outside where several other creatures and.... a man?
I didn't say anything, but from where I stood, or rather, crouched, I could hear just fine.
I heard the man explain the leaders of Ostlea had gone missing and I and the other merged people had to save them.
Quickly I began trying to reconstruct this entire crazy thing in my head.
I was in a computer game that was an actually physical place.
I was a bat.
There was a problem with the leadership.
This probably was a dream, but I planned on enjoying it to the fullest.
"See ya tomorow, So!" I said as I shut the car door behind me. The taxi drove away. I checked my mailbox, unlocked the front door and walked up the stairs to my apartment. My head was fuzzy, my hands stung from getting too many papercuts from sorting too many order confirmations at work today. I didn't complain though, there was a time when papercuts were as normal as drinking water to me.
"Hey, Pix, how are you?" I said, closing the door behind me. I kicked off my shoes and stuck my feet into the crocs I used to wear around the house. Pixie, my budgie, tweeted energetically as I walked over to her cage and let her out. "You've not been this noisy since you grew out of your birdpuberty. What's up? Just happy to see me?" She hopped onto my shoulder as I went to the kitchen. Then I saw what I should've seen a long time ago. In the shadows behind my bedroom door stood a black cloaked man. I looked around. Everything seemed normal, except Pixie's nervous squeaks. And the fact that he couldn't have gotten in. All doors had been locked.
"What the heck are you doing in my apartment?" I shouted in Norwegian. The guy gave me a slightly perplexed look, but said nothing. Was this a joke? I started thinking. Noone but me and my dad had keys to my apartment.
"Haha, nice joke. Did Dad put you up to this?" I said, sitting down on the couch. I felt dizzy and nauseated. This is the punishment for not eating breakfast when I should, I thought. Then the world went black.
I woke up on a, to me, well known bridge. This was what was called the city bridge. I looked down. Somewhere down there, not too far, was my mother's apartment. Empty now that she and her husband had moved. What was I doing here? I stepped onto the sidewalk to get out of the way for the cars. Had I been sleepwalking or something? I shuddered. It was a cold, rainy day, and I was just wearing a sweater, jeans and crocs. Oh well, better get home before I got sick. I started walking towards the city, thinking over the whole situation. This was not right! The cloaked man must have left me here, for some strange reason. Then I felt something wrap around me and toss me over the reiling. I gasped. No, ths could not be happening! Young kids who had just finished High School used to have parties up here, to the police's dismay. Some of them got really hurt if things was too wild. My hands clawed for support, and managed to grab the bottom of the reiling. My thoughts whirled around as I hung there, trying to find cracks or anything to support my feet. That way I could perhaps climb onto the pavement again. But there was nothing to be found, my feet scratched the air with no result. I could feel my hands slipping from the wet metal. I'm done. Sorry, mom, dad, Anna, Pixie, I love you! I thought as I hurled towards the ground.
I halted in mid air. Something had grabbed me again. I looked up, and saw that a reddish bird was carrying me down, slowly. A Phoenix? No, a fenn, from Tales of Ostlea! But Ostlea was a game!
"Thank you, Blaze," I mumbled, dazed, before I went unconcious, again.
I woke up in a dark cave. I've lost it for real now, I thought. What am I doing here? Groaning I tried to get up, only to fall back down again, hitting my head on the cave wall. Ouch. I tried to lift my arm to rub the sore spot away, but realized there were no arms to lift. Confused I looked down my body. Red-orange fur. And my two sturdy feet were replazed with thinner, shorter ones. But that wasn't all. When I turned my head to get a peak at my back I saw tail feathers and wings folded against my body. I was a fenn from top to bottom.
"What the ..." I started, discovering I could talk, "What the heck is going on here?"
Then I heard a mans voice, and stumbled a bit further into the cave on my new feet. There were Creatures all around me. In their midtst stood a man, the same cloaked man from my apartment. He said that Gryffi and LaHaine has dissapeared and we have to help bring them back. This must be a dream. It's not the first time I've gotten so into a game or series that I dream about it. But my dreams have never been this dramatic. Oh well, I think, at least I hope I can get a chance to test out these wings before it ends.
Hold on. Hold the frick on. Ostlea in danger? Where the hell was I, is this a dream, and is my Rainbow alright?
The black haired man nodded when other creatures started to wake up; a Gemeater bat, a Possessed Dracodoll, a Verdant Jewelviper, a Fenn, and...of course, there was me. Now that I think about it, everybody who woke up so far was small compared to me. At least those jerks who caused this madness turned me into something big when I am already big...seriously, what kind of dream is this, or is it a dream?
If I have good prediction skills, I am guessing that most to all of you are wondering if you are in some sort of crazy dream. The answer is no, you are not dreaming. Go ahead, pinch yourselves and see if I'm lying. You are not dreaming. The man informed us, and of course I thought he was crazy. At least, until I managed to move my head and bite my arm. Ow! Blood welled from the openings and onto the dirt.
I decided to speak up. Okay, how is Ostlea in danger, and is Gryffi alright? I snarled, then felt something fall onto my back. I slowly practiced moving my neck, then stiffly moved it so I could look at my back. Sure enough, the Possessed Dracodoll fell onto my back, and I brought my face to it and sniffed. Woah! I guess my sense of smell is upped, being a dragon and all.
Ah, the Interstellar is that one. Heh. The man chortled, and I whipped my neck back...and my chin slammed against the hard dirt floor. Welp, looks like I'm not in control of this thing.
Anyways, Gryffi and LaHaine- known as just Haine in Ostlea -have vanished. Yes, vanished. They disappeared, and we think they have been kidnapped. Our first suspect is the Great Warlock, who's been found to have tried an Ostlea takeover before. So, you'll be going after him first. The man said, finally answering my question. At that I gawked. The Warlock, like the guy Boo kicked the ass of in the Halloween quest? If the Warlock is alive, then maybe Boo is too? That would be sweet.
Don't worry, you won't be wandering with no guide. That would be very dangerous and stupid of us to let you off without supervision. TULVIR!!! He called to the cloaked figure, who grunted and walked over with their scythe. The man playfully grinned and pulled the hood down, revealing a head with black hair. Hold on, the scythe guy had a sky blue stripe at the front of his hair...I might know this guy.
Uh, are people in Ostlea able to have wolf ears? I asked, noticing the grey wolf ears and the tail slowly swaying.
Oh, it may be possible, but he's not from Ostlea. The man lightly shook the guy named Tulvir. We borrowed him from our sister world, Valkemare. It was easy to fetch him, since both worlds are in the same dimension, the same universe, and are both magical. However, you guys came from a non-magical version of Earth, out of our dimension and a few dimensions away. That's why you went through the nightmares; if you were closer and magical, you would've not experienced them. Well, that explained a whole freaking lot. So Tulvir was the Tulvir from the world of Dragon Cave. The guy from You As A Dragon one and two. Holy shibbles, what a mindf***.
Well, Tulvir is in charge of y'all. I will probably see you again, probably not soon. Toodles! The man chirped and walked out of the cave and jumped onto the back of a Crimson Avari dragon, who was waiting there. I saw the dawn sky as they took off; it was very pretty.
I turned my had slowly to the Dracodoll. Uh...that was...interesting? And that's my feeble attempt at starting a conversation.
I've been inactive for a while. Hopefully I'm back for good.

Star Wars fanart would be nice.
((Space The imagination... the final Frontier!(My dad has been watching too much Star Trek lately. XD)))

Sigh... Nothing like waking up to a rattling fan. At least it's no big deal, but at least it rattles constantly.
I grumpily tore myself out of bed, smacked the box fan in my window, suppressed a shiver from the cold and climbed back underneath my three sets of blankets. Maybe it was odd that I would open my window when it was snowing outside just so I could wrap up in three comforters like a moth in a cocoon, but it worked for me.
Of course, I woke up at a bad time. My alarm went off. And despite being equally grumpy about turning it off, I knew I had to get out of bed.
So, prying myself out from underneath so much cozy warmth, I turned the fan off, grabbed my robe and went to shower. Like clockwork, every day. Not much to complain about though-my siblings had already moved out, I could stay at home for school, and I could study whatever I wanted as long as I fulfilled the needed criteria. I could take a few breaks and eat whatever was in the fridge. No problem. Oh, and I have cats-I love cats. Two fluffy Main Coone mixes and one purebred of the same. Nutmeg, our oldest member of the house, was laying in the middle of the hall as usual, waiting to be petted. I almost tripped over Mykie-the purebred-when I left the bathroom, so the most I saw of her was a playful roll before I almost fell forward.
" Mykie!" I scolded him. He ignored me and shot toward the bathroom sink, jumping up into it.
" Mrrow."
" Yeah just... just give me a bit. You need to learn how to turn on the sink-no, scratch that, turn it on and off." I proceeded to my room to change, almost tripping over Nutmeg next. " Why in the middle of the floor?!"
That's my morning for you. Tripping over cats. I get over it very quickly though, they're just so fluffy and cute. After letting Mykie play with the water in the sink for a bit and rubbing Nutmeg's belly, I proceeded to do schoolwork.

Isn't this so exciting? Like, next I'll be droning on about what I ate for breakfast... wait... I forgot about breakfast. Oh well. I'll just have lunch for breakfast. But wait, here comes the fun part!
The doorbell rang. I usually don't answer it, but my mom was doing some early shopping and my dad went to get his haircut and maybe buy some salads(yay allergies), so I let our dog bark at the door for a while before getting up to answer it.
"The square root of five plus fifteen over the square root of 2... right, you multiply the two here and here..." I muttered to myself, going upstairs. I assumed it was just the mailman, as he's the only one who bothers to ring unless we have church-going visitors; I doubted it was them though.
Well, I guess I was right. It wasn't someone from church. It also wasn't the mailman.

I opened the front door and looked for a package on the ground. Nothing. I stepped out a bit further and looked for a big delivery truck. Nothing.
Now I was getting nervous. I retreated back inside and closed the door, several thoughts running through my head. What was that? Did someone throw something and it happened to hit the doorbell? I need to eat something. I also need to finish those Ostlea sprites. What was that math problem again?
I decided to eat something and forget about it, and turned around back to the kitchen. Now, I hate open concept homes as you can hear everything that goes on around you, but for once I was glad of it.
Someone rushed at me!
" WHOA!" First thing I did was fall over! He brought out a scythe and swiped it at me, and I ducked my head just in time. Positively freaking out, the first thing I did was run past him, dodging another swipe and letting my dad's treadmill take the damage. I barely paused to look at the gash, heading into the kitchen to grab something to defend myself with. Our dog was going nuts, scrambling backward on the tile and barking like the world was ending. The cloaked figure, however, didn't seem to mind the noise.

" Get out of our house!" I warned him, grabbing what I presumed was a knife from the dish strainer-it was a colander.
Slash! Metal clashed together as I blocked another swipe. I could tell the figure was frustrated with my lack of cooperation, but as far as I was concerned he was an intruder. Pff, next time I need to ask where we kept the gun in the house! That would be nice right about now.
The figure twitched his scythe to dislodge the colander, but it stuck. I had already let go, expecting it to fly right off.
We both stared at it.
Bang bang bang! The figure smacked the colander against the island counter. It refused to budge.
" Sorry Netekos, or whichever Reaper you are. It was the first thing I grabbed." I apologized, suddenly recognizing the cloak to be similar to one of my online roleplaying characters. I mean, I didn't even know the guy, might as well give him a name, right? Wait, what the heck was I doing?! I was apologizing for defending myself to an intruder?
The figure sagged in exasperation, and I could almost here the word "Really?" He finally gave me a hard smack upside the head.
Wow! I didn't know smacking someone could make them black out.


A dream state. I knew it was a dream only because of how interesting it was. I don't typically have nightmares, but when I have dreams I like to incorporate them into the stories I write(and never finish) because of how cool I think they are. Nightmares though? I almost never encounter nightmares. I have dreams that other people might find unnerving, but I just think they're neat on a different scale-like how people like horror movies.
Of all of the nightmares I can recall though, this one consisted of all of my fears... being unable to protect those I love, losing the pets, being damned forever... those kinds of things... I was saved in the end by something, but I can't remember...
I just won't talk about it. All you need to know is that it went from a cool dream to a horrid ending, like a bad movie. Started out curious but ended up in pain. Real pain; not the fake pain you feel if you have a dream about battle wounds or unfortunate accidents. I've never felt pain in my sleep before, but let me tell you: DON'T DO IT. Definitely not worth it. Doesn't even make the dream interesting. The dream where I was shot full of bullet holes because I stole some secret project from the government was five times more interesting than... this one.
Hey! At least I didn't feel pain in it!

Oh yeah, rant over. Anyway, skipping over the awful nightmare... um... things grew weird. The first thing I woke up to was someone talking to me.
< Hey! You all right? You sort of died there for a moment. HAH! Just kidding.>
I groaned. " Huh...? What?"
< Hey, that deserves a laugh, come on.>
" Who are you?"
< What do you mean, 'who are you'? You ought to know! I'm in your head!>
That woke me up pretty quick.
" Wha-heung!" The words caught in my throat as I tried to sit up. It was like my backbone didn't like it.
< Ah HAHAHAHAH!! Okay, that was mean. Why don't you try again?>
" I know my characters well enough to know you're being an ass..." I grumbled, trying to rub my eyes but finding that my forearms weren't twisting right. Trying not to think about that odd issue, I simply rubbed them with the backs of my hands.
< Yeah. Who was it, Soren? Was that the one who was a jerk?>
" Soren, among others. He's the most well-known one." I started conversing with the unseen entity as though I was simply chatting with someone about my books. " The fire demon, of course."
< Yeah! That guy! Hey, too bad I'm not made of fire, eh?>
" Yeah, that would be-" I opened my eyes and stared at the entity.

Purple A purple entity. I don't know how to describe it other than "ethereal". It looked like one of those goofy ghost things that I've drawn... wait a minute... That's a Phantasm!! I know that guy!
< You look surprised.> It commented. I saw its jaw moving, but for some reason the words were only in my head. I frowned at it.
" I know you!"
< Oh, do you now? Took you long enough.> It figuratively rolled its four elliptical eyes.
" You're a Phantasm! And-!" I tried sitting up again, but failed, so I simply rolled over onto my side in frustration. " And that means there's a Feline around here somewhere! But they don't exist! So how...?"
< Okay, step one is figured out. Now we just need step two.>
" And step two is...?" I asked, pushing myself up with my arms. Once I was upright I suddenly felt incredibly unbalanced and wobbly-worse, my legs were very weak. " Ow! Why does standing hurt?!"
< Well gee, Einstein, why don't you tell me?> The Phantasm grunted. I fell forward from the strain on my legs but caught myself from a face-plant.
" You don't have to rub it in." I grumbled, trying to stand again. Again, it was like an elephant trying to do a handstand-the pain in my legs was becoming unbearable.
" Agh!"This time, I allowed myself to fall over. The Phantasm laughed.

< All right, pretty princess, come over here and maybe you can link a few dots together.> The Phantasm began tugging to the right. I frowned at it again when my head started getting a weird pressure coming in from the opposite side.
" Fine." I got up, ignoring a weird twitch at the base of my spine, and allowed it to lead me to a small puddle nearby. Since I didn't trust a third time of trying to stand, I simply crawled over on all fours. Unlike what I expected, my rump wasn't super high in the air when I stood on my feet...
The puddle was a murky mirror of truth. I at first wondered if I was hallucinating. Then I wondered again how the Phantasm could possibly exist. And then, as it put it, I started connecting the dots.
Blue fur. Expressive green eyes. Four paws. A long, fluffy tail. Two ears. A muzzle.
Either this is a dream... or this was real.
I let out a wild yelp that sounded more like the scream of a wildcat and started running on all fours as fast as I could from the puddle. It didn't work very well though-I wasn't adept at crawling before, so being a quadruped was just slow and awkward, but the motivating force to make me stay was the horrid headache that flashed in like a sudden earthquake.
" Agh! OWW!"
< Maybe you should stop tugging so hard!> The Phantasm snapped, probably feeling the same tugging sensation I was. It felt like someone was stretching my brain like a rubber band, and it was about to snap. I finally stopped motoring my legs against the cold stone floor, as they were sending me nowhere but migraine hell.

I didn't think I was capable of crying at this time, but I did collapse, just like that. So, news flash kids: cats can cry. Or at least, fantasy ones can.
" This makes no sense! Why me? Where am I? How is this real? Is that stupid nightmare over yet!?" I threw my forepaws-once my human hands-over my face. My Phantasm followed, and as it neared my headache disappeared and the straining feeling dissipated.
< Shut up.> It said rudely.
" Not until I know what happened!"
< Well, if you shut up, you'll know!> It retorted. I unearthed my face and glared at it, and it held my gaze. Eventually though, the fierceness faded.

< You hear that?>
I huffed, but perked up my new ears anyway. Voices... yeah, close by. I guess there were other people here?
< Let's go find them.>
" Whoa whoa whoa!" I dug my claws in so when the Phantasm turned to leave, the headache came back on; I could tell by the way it jerked that it could feel it too. " I know Phantasm Felines-if we go somewhere, we need to do it together. And I'm not walking into a group of potentially dangerous people!"
< Fine! But we'll sit here forever.> It muttered. Trying to ignore the pain in my head, I squinted at it before looking around a bit.
I barely paid attention to my surroundings, but we were deep in a shallow cave. Our little cave seemed to open up to a bigger chamber outside, which I guessed opened up outside as it was brighter out there. There really was no need to stay inside this cove. The talking outside amplified, and I presumed that the conversation was getting heated-that meant that we could at least sneak a peek without being noticed.
" Okay, we'll go." I grudgingly said. " But we're staying hidden! Just because I know what a Phantasm Feline is doesn't mean I know how to be one."
< Sure boss, whatever.>
I ignored the Phantasm's sarcastic response and got back up on my legs and arms-no, paws, I have paws now-and awkwardly shuffled toward the greater cavern, the Phantasm following dutifully. As I had suspected, the larger cavern did indeed have a wide opening leading to what appeared to be a forest outside. The shadows all around had an eerie green tint, and were weirdly bright-they still looked dark, just not as dark as they should be.
Night vision? I wondered to myself, getting more out in the open. I turned to my left and saw, in the middle of the clearing, a plethora of recognizable creatures.
"Recognizable" because they were all Ostlea creatures.

" What the heck? Are we in a video game or something? Maybe I'm still dreaming..." I whispered under my breath. My Phantasm didn't answer, simply sticking close to me so no one had an unreasonable headache. I crept closer to the gathering of creatures, perking my ears to try and listen in on the conversation.
" What the heck is going on here?" Asked a bird with feathers glowing just slightly. I observed it carefully, and it took me a while to realize that it was a Fenn. It was addressing a man, who was grinning in a near-friendly manner to the gathering of odd creatures around him.
" If I have good prediction skills, I am guessing that most to all of you are wondering if you are in some sort of crazy dream. The answer is no, you are not dreaming. Go ahead, pinch yourselves and see if I'm lying. You are not dreaming."
I would if I had fingers still. I thought to myself, glancing down at my forepaws. Hm... claws might work. Another creature-a dragon I didn't recognize at first-spoke up before I could try it though.
" Okay, how is Ostlea in danger, and is Gryffi alright?" It snarled. I looked back up, shocked.
What... was happening? Ostlea, in danger? That's just an adoptable site I helped with! And what about Gryffi? I imagine she's out eating Milky Ways or something... being human, of course. The dragon turned to awkwardly look over its shoulder, as though something was there.
" Ah, the Interstellar is that one. Heh." The man chuckled.
" Oh yeah, forgot about Interstellars." I reminded myself quietly as the dragon's head snapped to the ground. I took the moment to thank God that I wasn't transformed into a creature with a long neck.
< Don't talk to yourself, I'm right here.> The Phantasm hissed.
" I'm allowed to think, aren't I?"
< Shut up!>
You really do need to be named Soren. I grumbled to myself. At that thought, I was reminded of my former life as a human, which felt like no more than ten minutes ago. Why did God choose me to come here? Was it because I'm an artist for the site? Or did I do something where he wasn't allowed to interfere with my own free will? But was this my choosing? Had to be-if I wasn't supposed to be here, I shouldn't be here. There had to be a reason that me, of all people-and the others in front of me, who sounded as bewildered as I was-were specifically chosen to come to Ostlea.
Wait a minute! Why are we in a video game?! I mean, unless the development of it created an alternate universe that happens to be just like it.

As though to verify my thoughts, the man's voice came back into focus.
" ...the same universe, and are both magical. However, you guys came from a non-magical version of Earth, out of our dimension and a few dimensions away. That's why you went through the nightmares; if you were closer and magical, you would've not experienced them."
" Huh? What? What did I miss?"
< *Sigh.* I'll just tell you later. Now let me listen!>
" Well, Tulvir is in charge of y'all. I will probably see you again, probably not soon. Toodles!" With that, the man left; I saw a flash of red outside the cave, and heard several wing beats when the man exited it. I frowned, staring back at the gathering, which seemed a bit numbstruck by whatever they were told.
Well, I should be numbstruck too!
" Fill me in, and let's meet these guys." I decided, getting up and approaching the group very slowly. The Phantasm rolled its eyes.
< Sure, whatever. So, there was something about a kidnapping...>

((Wow, okay, that was a really long post. I hope you guys don't mind-I just had to catch up with everything since I was late to the party. XD Esko already assured me that being an artist in the RP too is fine-it can't be used for anything that would give me any unfair advantages, so no worries.))

Cake~Registered Lurker~[Image: 39550_s.gif]
I write books when I'm not here, which is pretty much all the time. Here, you can read a sample of my first one! It has science... and fiction... mostly fiction.
If I have good prediction skills, I am guessing that most to all of you are wondering if you are in some sort of crazy dream. The answer is no, you are not dreaming. Go ahead, pinch yourselves and see if I'm lying. You are not dreaming.
Ok, so no dreams. I could still feel the place I had hit my head, so no arm pinching needed, that is, if I had arms. I chuckled a bit for myself before reality kicked me in the butt. No dreams. That meant that I wasn't in Norway. I wasn't home like I was supposed to be, and in a few hours a friend would ring my doorbell expecting a cozy night with takeaway and heaps of candy. And tomorrow my dad and his girlfriend would be there expecting that i had the pizza ready. Nooooo! This was not good!
"Ok, how is Ostlea in danger, and is Gryffi alright?" An interstellar dragon snarled. Yikes! I shrugged awkwardly closer towards the wall. Beter not mess with that one! But ... he knew Gryffi. Could it be possible he was also just an innocent player getting dragged into this, just like me?
Ah, the Interstellar is that one. Heh. The man chuckled. The interstelar whipped up it's neck but it's head flopped helplessly onto the floor. Ouch, that had to hurt!
Anyways, Gryffi and LaHaine- known as just Haine in Ostlea -have vanished. Yes, vanished. They disappeared, and we think they have been kidnapped. Our first suspect is the Great Warlock, who's been found to have tried an Ostlea takeover before. So, you'll be going after him first.
Oh, snap! A warlock? The warlock? That fought Boo for her eggs in the Halloween quest? Shoot, wow, my head was kinda spinning at this point. How were we gonna bring Gryffi and Haine back, safe and sound? From what I've gathered most creatures here, including me, has a problem moving in these new shapes and sizes.
Don't worry, you won't be wandering with no guide. That would be very dangerous and stupid of us to let you off without supervision. TULVIR!!!
A man came over with his scythe. Wait, that's the man from my appartment! There I went, assuming things as usual. I take a closer look at them, and discover how much i can see! I can see every little detail of the scythe'd man's face and the wolf ears and tail when he pulls the cloak off. Man, how would I go back to my normal vision impairedness if we got otta here alive? Going from 5% vision to 100 was quite a leap, and I found myself trying to grin with my beak. It didn't work well..
Uh, are people in Ostlea able to have wolf ears? The interstellar dragon asked.
Oh, it may be possible, but he's not from Ostlea. We borrowed him from our sister world, Valkemare. It was easy to fetch him, since both worlds are in the same dimension, the same universe, and are both magical. However, you guys came from a non-magical version of Earth, out of our dimension and a few dimensions away. That's why you went through the nightmares; if you were closer and magical, you would've not experienced them.
What? The happenings on the bridge was actually a nightmare? It was so real, though, scary. And Tulvir was fro Dragon Cave? The Interstellar dragon and a few others seems to recognize me. I'd never met him, though.
Well, Tulvir is in charge of y'all. I will probably see you again, probably not soon. Toodles!
And off he went! This was really starting to get surreal.
"This is kinda strange. How are we supposed to help with anything? At least I feel like I'm not in controll of my body at all," I said to a Jewelviper to my left. I tried sitting down but ended up tumbling onto my back, "Case in point," I groaned.

So here's my first post, sorry I'm not so good at describing things X_X)

I sat in my chair, comfortably, snuggled in  a blanket, innocently typing a post for a roleplay on a little proboards forum a friend made. I finished the post and sent it. I yawned and closed the tab. There wasn't much else to do now, my roleplaying mates probably won't be on anytime soon, and there weren't any new posts on anything else I was part of on other sites either. I went to the start menu and clicked "Shut down", and turned off the computer screen. I don't usually turn off my computer unless I have to go somewhere, such as school or if it's my bedtime. I stood up from my chair and walked over to my bed, sat on it, and reached for my DSi, maybe I should have another go at trying to kick the Elite 4's butts in Pokemon Soul Silver. I grabbed the DSi, and was about to open it, when I heard footsteps. They were getting louder, and I heard someone enter my room. I turned around, and saw this figure in a black cloak. I screamed. "STRANGER DANGERRR!!" Then everything faded to black.

 When I woke up, I was laying on a treebranch, a treebranch that was luckily, very big so I couldn't fall off. Strange. I sat up, on the other side of me was a white bat with magenta, gem like wings that sparkled. Wait a minute. This was an Amethyst Gemeater bat! From Tales of Ostlea? This is a weird dream, but I didn't go on ToO often, so how could I dream about it? Was this punishment  for not going on it often? Suddenly, we started merging together. "What th-" I blacked out. Again.

This time when I woke up, I was in a dark room. Wait... this is a cave! I tried to sit up, but I couldn't move at all. I don't know how long I was laying here for, I heard others talking. But I couldn't hear it that well.
(Am I doing this right?)
[[Frontier! And I cannot figure out the text size thingie.>:( ]]

I was sitting at my computer, switching between Tales of Ostlea, Magistream, and Dragon Cave when it happened. There was a crash, and the window behind me shattered. I spun my chair around, but I pushed to hard with my feet and spun several times before finally slowing to a halt. When I did stop, I was facing towards the window, but I was too dizzy to see very well. There was a figure... it looked like the Grim Reaper? What? Then I fell out of my chair as I passed out - I guess I spun a little too much.

I was hiking through the woods alone.That's weird, I thought, Why am I hiking alone? Then I heard someone scream my name - it sounded like my little sister! I ran towards the scream, a heavy backpack bouncing on my shoulders. I reached a clearing. Wait, what? There's no one here! I though to myself. The something rustled behind me, and I felt a presence behind me. I slowly turned around, and saw an Ostlean Wendigo. I swallowed. "please don't hurt me"
I squeaked. The Wendigo rushed at me, and I braced for impact. But it never came. I felt nothing, and I opened my eyes in time to see that I was merging with it.

I slowly opened my eyes. What. Is. Going. On. Here. I could see other creatures from Ostlea around me - an Interstellar Dragon, a few Gemeater bats,  and a Jewelviper were the only ones I recognized as I'd been playing for about a day. I tried to stand up- Whoa. That's tricky. I looked down at my body - WHAT THE CRAP I'M A WENDIGO. Okay, Stormy, get a grip. You've got two little siblings. You've seen stuff almost as weird as this. I took a deep breath, and tried standing again. Okay, I can do this. I slowly stood up and kind of shuffled over to the other creatures, hearing a man explaining that Gryffi and LaHaine were missing. He mentioned a warlock, and the red fiery bird - maybe a Fenn? - seemed to recognize who he was talking about, although I had no Idea.  Then the man left, leaving someone called Tulvir from Valkemare in charge. Wait... Valkemare? That's the Dragon Cave world! My head hurts... I turned and looked at the Interstellar. "Wh- What's going on here?" I rasped out. Wendigos aren't big on talking, but I somehow managed.
Hi, I'm Stormy! Click mah babies?
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