Transformed (accepting)
As none had answer her appeal for help, she listened quietly to the conversations, particularly to the Dragon. As they talked back and forth, she was gaining more information on her body, moving a hoof here, an ear there, til she was finally able to stand. She walked up to the group just as Skwerl finished.

Summoning a sturdy voice, she introduced herself. "I am Doves, I have no particularly notable participation of Ostlea, besides being a friend and supporter of Gryffi. If she is in trouble, then we are here to help. Though it is good to hear familiar names." Her voice sounded slightly shrill though, and she flicked her own ears painfully. "Forgive me, being tossed into the body of...." She paused turning her head slightly to see the length of her body, she still wasn't sure what she was. "What ever this creature is, is still a shock and I'm still learning the finer details." She bowed her head to each of the creatures present, lingering on Esko. "I think it would be wise if we figured who is here, and what each of us can do, given our current situation Esko."

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I twitched around. I managed to stand up, for a second then I fell down again on the cold hard floor. That seripusly hurt. I listened to the others introduce themselves. I didn't know anyone on Ostlea. I sighed as I squirmed aroumd. "A little help here?"
She hears the sound of someone asking for help, turning her head slowly she tries to find the one asking for help. Doves finally spots the bat and walks over, her hooves clip-clopping on the floor of the cave. Dropping her nose to the side of the bat so that her eye was level with the bat. "What can I help with bat friend?" She asked, her whiskers twitching by her hooves.
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"I can't get up.." I said. This bat body was REALLY hard to get used to. I've always wondered what it was like to take the form of another creature. Now I know. It's really confusing.
Doves did a very horse like snort, chuckling mentally. "It is difficult enough getting used to a new body I guess, I'm going to try to pick you up and set you on my back. If that's alright with you." She said, moving her head so it was right behind the bat's head, waiting for the okay before attempting to pick up the bat.
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I giggled as Rosen pulled into the drive way, finishing up a story about one of the girls he encountered at school. I hopped out of the car once he stopped and flipped my blonde hair out of my face. I unlocked the door to the house and smiled at the smell of scented candles. Rosen walked in behind me and threw his back pack on the floor and we both headed to the gaming room. We hoped on the computers and I started to go through my adopt sites while Rosen uploaded our newest YouTube video. I finished up Tales of Ostlea and say something being reflected off of the computer screen. I turn and stop a hooded figure far down the hallway and blink a few times, then get up.

"Hey! How did you get in here!?" I yelled but started to get dizzy. Rosen finally spotted the figure as well and stood up. He must have felt dizzy too, as he gripped the desk and after just staring at the figure he passes out. I start to panic and then mumble curses under my breathe as my vision goes black.

I wake up only to be in a clearing and hearing rumbling. I look around to spot a Hellaios, from Ostlea, If I can remember correctly. I stagger to my feet and I look left to spot Rosen running forward and jumps in front of the Hellaious, blocking it from hitting me. I gasp I get picked up and struggle in my captors grasp. I look up and see that its a huge Female Storm Herlad. I look down and scream as my fear of heights kicked in as we soared over the ground. I huged the claw holding me and got a weird feeling. Before I passed out, I said, "Thank you, Thunder...."

I woke in what felt was hours, maybe days and I tried lifting my head. It felt way heavier than usual. I spotted a few creatures talking with the cloaked figure. I growled and tried to use my arms to get up only to fail and land back to the dirt. I look at my 'arms' to see wings instead. I also spot a Hellaious underneath my wing. I lift it and the creatures comes to.

I nodded. "Okay. Thank you." I say.
Picking up the small bat by her scruff, Doves turns her head and deposits the bat on her back. During that moment, she hears a couple other creatures start to move and tilts her head, curious to see who and what they are. One was a Storm Herald, the other a Hellaios, both creatures she had loved on the site. Walking up to them, carefully so as to not disturb the bat on her back, she asked the question. "How are you two?"
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The Hellaious trying to stand up on its hind legs to which it falls back down. I chuckle in my head and watch it some more, then turn my attention to an approaching figure. Its looked like a Golden Longma for Ostlea but the colors were different. I blinked as it spoke. "How are you two?" It asked. I nodded not trusting my voice at all until I heard something from my left. "Um... Just a bit of trouble standing up is all..." I smiled down at the Hellaious. This going to be interesting. I turned back to the Longma.
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It had been ten-or-so minutes since they picked up Ga-Ga Ball again after the camp's final lunch of the weekend. It was a game that they played last year at his first Middle School Retreat, and he guessed it was a signature one. Fine by him; it was hella fun. You had to make sure that the ball didn't touch you below your knee, and you hit it with your hands. Knock the ball out of the ring, you're out. Ball touches someone else on its way out, they're out.
Ten minutes ago, the pink ball landed home on his foot. That's when the girl got his attention. Max?
See you next year?
Sure. He responded, then watched her leave. He could've sworn that he saw a smile grow on her face as she turned; he wasn't surprised. He noticed her awkward personality, and he could tell that she wasn't good with making friends. He had his own friends to attend to, but he guessed he liked her. She was cool, and obviously had some clever thoughts behind those green-hazel eyes. If her confidence was upped, she'd make a pretty rad friend.
"Everybody, get Max out!" One jokester shouted from the spectators. Probably one of the kids he got out.
No! He responded back with playfulness in his voice as he gave the ball a good whack towards someone else. He didn't want to go home just yet, but at the same time, he wanted to check out more of that Ostlea game he signed up for before he left. He made the account and got a few breeds, figured that it would make a chill past-time in between everything else.
After those ten minutes, he thought he heard the camp's counselors shouting at something, but the kids paid no mind to it. Max struck another person out. He never won a game of Ga-Ga Ball, but he got pretty damn close. He only stopped when a few kids ran away, screaming...only for the ball to steal his attention away when it got near his leg. He jumped up and whacked it in another direction. The defeated yelp of another camper told him that he hit.

Then someone pointed down the slight slope and yelled, "GRIM REAPER!" That was real hard to ignore.

Kids ran screaming, and Max had only a second to straighten himself when a grey something high-fived his face. He smelled metal, and heard a crack! as pain shot through his face. The sickening warmth of blood ran down his lips and his chin; his nose was broken. He snarled at the cloaked figure who gave him the injury, and the redness on the blade was making him squeamish. His eyes trailed down the blade to see that it was a scythe, a wicked weapon of war....back in the middle ages. Why use a scythe to terrorize people? Any person could tell you that guns did more damage. Not that he wanted a gun in that dude's hands, anyway.

Watch where you swing that thing. He snarled at the man.
"Oh, I watch where I swing this thing." A voice came from the blackness of the hood, and Max's vision sparkled.
Jesus Christ... And then he blacked out.


He woke up on a hard surface of dust. Wind swirled around angrily, as if shouting at him to get up. Nrgh...huh? His mouth and throat were dry, and they should've hurt. They didn't. Some sort of whack-job dream. Alright, whatever horrors he saw here wouldn't be real. Easy enou-
A sharp screech sounded, followed by a low moan. Max scrabbled up, goose-bumps erupting over his arms and legs. It's just a dream.... He stepped forward and heard a light crunch under his foot. He lifted up his foot to examine, and quickly wished that he didn't. A half-crumbled skull grinned at him, its head covered in a familiar hat. It was the hat of one of his closest friends, Ben. Another skull sat nearby, mouth agape in a scream as if calling a name. A pair of green-framed glasses perched on a missing nose, tilted to the left. Where did he see that before? On a camper...he was blanking on a face, or a name.

Something lumbered behind him, breathing heavily. Max turned around with wide eyes to see a light-blue dragon. Wickedly-sharp grey horns, teeth that he had no interest in touching. Sharply metallic golden eyes that reflected light. It growled at him and snapped its powerful jaws. He knew that he saw it before, but the name was blanking on him. It looked hungry, and very pissed. As if it had some grudge against humans.

Holy sh**, I'm dead. Max stepped back. Alright, dude, we can be chill here, right? The dragon didn't seem to have any intent on being chill. No friends in Ga-Ga Ball. Only get out, you're dead. And it wasn't limited to below the knee.

A howl caught both their attentions, and the dragon was being faced off with a colorful wolf. Many tails. Max stepped back, and even though the dragon was fifteen feet while the wolf was three, it seemed intimidated. Wonderful, got a savior...maybe.
The wolf seemed to challenge the dragon, and Max took the chance to ditch it. However, the grinning "Ben" skull caught his foot and he tripped, right into the dragon's side.....

A power-surge erupted through him, there were startled cries, and he blacked out again....




Headache. His nose hurt like a b**ch. There was a trickle of dried blood on his nose -which felt strange- and a small pool collecting in the grass. Ben? Jess? The name sputtered out, and that gave him a jolt. That was her name! And the screaming skull...those were her glasses. What was going on?

There was commotion up ahead, and Max opened crusty eyes to see a shallow cave. There were creatures in it...oh, his head pounded with his heart, and it was hard to move. Like his skin was stretched, but much harder, and he had whole new limbs to control...

The sight of a long blue arm made him nearly scream. He moved in jerky ways, and the control he had naturally gained over his body over thirteen years had been lost. He felt like a little baby learning control of his fingers, only in a much larger body...he was not human. Was this another leg of a nightmare? No, he felt pain. Dreams didn't come with pain. He was nuts, that's what he was.

He made his way onto his legs after a while and stumbled forward. He bashed into a tree, and his nose flared with a new pain. He redirected himself and jerked towards the cave, in the path of a black-and-orange dragon with starry wings...


The Feline's reaction startled me. I didn't expect her to react like that, nor did I expect her answer. Blade! BLADE!
Blade?! Really, that's you? I couldn't believe it, but then again, I didn't imagine that I'd be an Interstellar someday. A smile grew on my face, and I let out a whoop. Awesome, I'm here with people I know!

Doves was next to pleasantly-surprise me with her presence. Please, call me Jess. We're not faces on the Internet anymore, I think it's appropriate. Though halfway through my talking Doves went to others there, and my draconic snout heated up. Dragon blushing, anyone? I nearly laughed at myself. My awkward walls came up again, and I tried to look smaller. It was already hard to blend in being five-foot-six, now I was twelve feet and moved like a baby.

A groan sounded behind me, and I had just enough time to stumble-turn around -which took a few minutes, unlike the few seconds it would've taken as a human- before a Teal Avari dragon crashed into me. The weight startled me and I squawked as we fell to the ground. The dragon's eyes should've been a menacing red, but they were instead a metallic gold. I found it cool, until I felt a claw sink into the soft flesh of my belly. Then I was snapped into reality. The dragon had to have been in a fight, or maybe an accident. Broken snout, judging from the jagged look and the nosebleed, and his eyes were half-closed as if weary.

GET THE F**K OFF! I shouted in his face and went on with kicking his belly. Only my left leg went straight up into his chest, and my right foot barreled towards his male-jungas. A claw connected fast with a sac and it burst open, blood and semen rushing out. My foot looked decorated with ketchup and milk. I wanted to scream, but the Avari did that for me. He screamed his head off, until I was convinced that his voice box would explode in his throat. Didn't happen, surprisingly. Though he did cough, and a quick stream of blue gas puffed out. I ducked, though my left horn was halfway turned into ice. My head crashed to the floor and that ice shattered, leaving me with half a horn.

The Teal Avari stumbled back, his crotch bloodied and the damaged sac nothing but an oozing, shriveled balloon. I felt like throwing up. I did that. Then again, I wanted to hit his gut. If I had control of my freaking limbs, both of his boys would be unharmed. Or if I had a sneaker, not a viciously clawed foot. I tried to stand in a dignified manner, my decorated foot leaving a small trail.

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