Transformed (accepting)
The Hellaious shivered and cowered at the 'show' even moving to hide behind me. I wince in pain and cover my head at the yelling. I take note of my wings and look down to see that I am rather small for a Storm Herlad, if that is what I am. "Of course, I have to smaller in any form I take huh?" I mumble but it's loud enough or others nearby to hear. I can hear the Hellaious chuckle from behind me.
Doves nodded to the Hellaios before hearing the commotion behind her, and registering the fact that the Intersteller dragon had asked her to call him Jess. Turning slowly, aware she was still carrying the bat, she saw a new dragon colliding into Jess, and then Chaos broke loose. She quickly deposited the bat to the ground, grumbled a stay put to the people behind her and trotted up to the two large dragons, expertly avoiding the mess on the floor. When she stood between the two, she inspected them both and then summoned her best "take control voice" and started asking questions and directing people. "Okay, Jess, go outside and find a stream to wash off in, and for gods sake don't attack the Teal again." She turned to glance at the Storm Herlad behind her. "If you could, go with Jess, I'm sure he'd like some company. And judging by the smell, there's a nice body of water near here." She looked around again, knowing there was a human around there somewhere, unless that person poofed away. "Someone find me a way to bring water back, and if your around human, I need your hands, and bandages would be nice." She was in a royal mood now, and was thanking her stars that she was used to bloody, messy, and scary situations.
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As I was set down, I looked at the others, then I turned to see what was going outside. Dear god! There was blood everywhere! Doves seemed to calmly handle the situation, she seemed unfazed by all the blood. Wish I could be that calm..

I looked away, and I took a look at my shining wings.
My whiskers twitched and my kitty smile dropped as a Teal Avari barreled into Esko - er, Jess. And gee, she wasn't kidding when she said she swore like a sailor.
My new Phantasm Soren thought it was hilarious though.
< YEAH! Get him!>
" Oh, shut up!" I roughly shook my head, causing the Phantasm to shiver and warp like a disturbed pool of water.
< Hey, knock it off, I can't concentrate!>
" That's the point!"
A Golden Longma though - yeah, I think that's what it was, but I didn't know there was a blue version? - stepped up now to the dragons. " Okay, Jess, go outside and find a stream to wash off in." It began.
< NOOOO!> Soren wailed.
" HAHAHAH!" I laughed at him. " That will show you!"
< Oh yeah? I can always do this!>
I suddenly felt a probing sensation in my brain, and my eyes widened. " What are you doing?"

Suddenly two full-sized dragons appeared right in front of me! With a startled yelp I jumped back, hair on end in a classic scaredy-cat pose.
< Oh relax, it's just an illusion.> Soren sniffed, watching the two fight... a fight identical to what had just happened. The noises though were completely nonexistent; it was like watching a television screen with the sound muted.
A creepily identical, 3D television screen.
< Look, I can play other memories too.> Soren said. Suddenly, the mimic fight scene was replaced by my cat Nutmeg, playfully rolling over onto her side and staring up with large kitten eyes; then Nutmeg changed into a play-fight featuring my other two cats, Ronin and Mykie. Just like before, there was no sound, but the images were so realistic it was almost impossible to believe. Then Ronin and Mykie converged and transformed into a Phantasm Feline, with the Phantasm laughing and rolling its eyes as the Feline struggled to walk around like a normal cat. My cheeks flushed purple with embarrassment.
" Okay, okay, we're done!" I said, jerking my head and making him lose concentration.
< Hey, I was enjoying myself!> Soren objected.
" I'm sure you were."

Although Soren began a mini-rant in my head, I focused my attention back to the scene. The Longma had called for water, but the chances of me bringing back any water was unlikely. The bandages, however... I might be able to do that.
" Some books claim that cobwebs make nice bandages, and we're in a cave." I spoke up. " I could go looking for leaves too."
< Whaaat? We're going to help people?> Soren groaned.
" That's right, I'm going to help." I stuck my tongue out at him. " Help help help help help!"
<Ugh, I don't want to help!> He complained.
" Oh well. It'll keep Jess from punching someone out." I shrugged indifferently.
< But that's the good stuff!!>
" Just dig through my memories for Transformers!" I snapped, before addressing the Longma again with a flick of an ear. " Should I take someone with me to go leaf foraging? Since... you know, I don't have hands."

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I stumbled forward and test flapped my wings. I winced and called out a sorry to everyone, not realizing the power behind my wings. I stumble out of the mouth of the cave and wait for Jess. I never really knew anyone on the site besides the owner and few others. So maybe I could get to know some of the people here? I sighed and spotted the Hellaious following me on wobbly legs and laughed. He grunted and snorted, "Yeah, good luck flying..." I stopped and realization hit me like a brick. I would have to fly for most of my time like this. Oh, god...
I slowly flapped by wings, then went faster, but I couldn't take off. I stopped and sighed.
"I never knew it would be this hard to get used to a new body.." Then I realized something. Why am I still able to see? Bats are usually blind, as far as I've heard. Well, I'm not complaining, I don't think I'd do well without sight, but yeah.
Doves turned her head to view the Feline, noticing many other things. "Your paws and teeth should work just fine, just.... be creative? Find help if you need it." Her voice tinged with stress, and her body movements became more jerky as she focused less on movement and more on organizing people. "And forgive me for not calling you by name, not many of us have introduced ourselves yet, and this is not the time." Turning slowly, she spotted the bat. "Bat, can you help the cat?"
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Ryota had been wandering the woods near his small forest home. He had been excited ever since he had been released from Rakia, Academy of Spells. The reason for him to be in the woods was the fact he had been given permission to try a new spell. As a Tenth year, it was his turn to do so as he was the top of his class. Despite this, he was still youthful at heart and deeply missed his best friend who had gone off and became something else in which he didnt know. His constant worry always messed him up when practicing his spells.
In a clearing surrounded by silver trees, Ryota placed the book with the chosen spell down in the center. He lit several candles which the flames became blue and silver. He had no clue of a cloaked being that had appeared silently behind him. Ryota removed the white hair from his ember red eyes and began to recite the spell, only to pass out. The candles blew out as his mind went dark.
A forest grew around him yet he was alone. Dreadful howls echoed through the trees causing deep fear to fill him. He knew all too well what it meant as he soon took off running only to be cutoff by a large wall of stone. Behind him, large timber wolves approached from behind, growling and snarling hungrily at him. A white beast suddenly leaped from atop the stone wall and roared at the wolves, causing the hound like beasts to scatter and run off. Ryota cautiously approached the beast, only to feel himself melt into it. An Ailura.....He realized this just before he was fully enveloped by the creature.
He woke slowly and looked around wildly and realized where he was, in Ostlea.....a game, or so he though, he would often visit between his studies. Thinking he had made a mistake in the spell the only words to come out of his newly turned Glacial Ailura was "HOLY FLYING ESKIMO HUSKY!!!" His eyes where wide as he looked around seeing the various creatures he had seen from his collection an some he hadn't obtained or seen. His ailura tail was tucked and he trembled a upon seeing such a gruesome sight near him. he muttered "Flying..eskimo.....what have I done to end up here?"
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Doves heard the silly curse of Ryota and groaned loudly as she glanced around for the maker of the noise. "Zach, so help me, your timing is horrendous as always, I'm going to smack you good for this one." She said aloud, knowing her good friend and suto-classmate's cursing style very well. She was still waiting for others to respond, though many still seemed in shock as to what had happened. Taking a massive breath, Doves returned to her study of the situation and to what she needed to do, while factoring in the possibility that she had a magic user within grasp to help her with some things.
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He blinked and then his eyes widen, hearing the threat and soon a smiles formed on his face. "Laura?.... Your here too!......" He excitedly tried to stand on his back legs, only to flop back down on all fours. He was very much confused at what was going on but was very happy to see er...hear a familiar voice. Ryota seemed to calm down a little at knowing his friend was there yet he wasn't quite understanding what was going on. Something seemed off to him but he wasn't sure what yet. His amazement was getting the better of his curious nature and he started walking around, quickly getting use to his new body.

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