The Eight Kingdoms
Quick Summary!

Dragons:Over ruling species. Made many kingdoms that dragons, mages, and other creatures live under. Can be any class.Royalty, a noble, a knight, a merchant, a peasant, or a servant.
Human Mages: Are middle or low class. There are very few Mages.
Phoenixes, Fenns, and Shimmerlings: Messengers. Are Middle Class.
Ailuri: Guard pets[/color]
Rats, Salamanders, and Phantasm Felines: Common pets
Other Creatures: Wild creatures and Very rare pets

Kingdoms: Almadia, Mystia, Elgimia, Lyztia, Scylia, Elgemis, Ekohis, Sunania Glaciara

High Class: Royalty and Nobels
Middle Class: Knights, Merchants, and Messangers
Low Class: Peasants and Servants

1. All Official rules apply!
2. Nothing past kissing unless you fade to black!
3. No God-Modding! No 'She smacked him so hard he died' or anything like that!
4. No power playing! If the character isn't yours, don't play the character!
Quick summery

Dragons :Over ruling species here. Made many kingdoms that the Mages live under.
Mages/Humans: Tends to be around middle or low class. There seem to be very few Mages.
Phoenixes/Shimmerlings: Messengers for most people and Dragons.
Other creatures: Rare pets that are kept.
Ailuri: Protesters/Guardians.

Kingdoms: Mystica, Elegima, Lyztia, Scylia, Elegmas, Ekohis, Sunaria.

Current Rpers:

Current Main Oc's:
She smacked him so hard he died. Then, Francine pushed the heavy man off of her with one foot, swinging her metal staff back around and letting it connect with another unlucky soul's face, who clearly hadn't expected the girl could swing it so fast. She could see Frau jumping on a third man (and the merchant who had tried to contact her for her services), tearing at his arms for backing out of their deal. Figures. This is why we can't have nice things. Raising up her hand, she summoned a fireball, bringing it down effortlessly on the last. The target hopped up as his coat caught fire, before shrugging it off with a grin. "That the best you can do?"

As Fran backed up, panicking, her familiar nowhere to be seen, a shadow swooped in from above. She only caught the glint of light off of a pair of half-moon spectacles before the whole alley was engulfed in flame.

"Don't try that again, anxiety isn't good for health!" Francine rolled her eyes, as Baldwin paced back and forth, back and forth. The elderly storekeeper had probably gotten worried about her. He was (practically) her father and mentor in one, and was currently reacting how any sane parent would.

He grounded her.

"But... my project?"

"Can wait. Until you can prove you aren't dumb enough to go out after dark on your own." Fran decided to initiate the age-old anti-punishment method. Putting on her best puppy-dog eyes, she looked up at him. Baldwin immediately looked away, rolling his pearl on the floor absently with one foot, but the damage had been done. Ten points to Francine Blair! announced a cheerful voice in her head.

"But, I'll need you to do something." What? "How do you feel about going to Almadia? Just a little errand?"

Arti sighed as he landed in front of the shop and ruffled his feathers. I know she needed to do this but, why today? I had things planned! He sighed and walked into the shop. He stops hearing Baldwin talking to someone. He called out, "Baldwin? You here?".
"Baldwin? You here?"

Fran cocked her head towards the door, and nodded to him. "It's for you."

He muttured something under his breath, then turned for the door. "See me later, in half an hour. Please don't run off in the meantime."

Arti paced around, getting a bit inpatient in waiting for Baldwin. His claws clacked against the floor and he goes through some of his feathers to pace some time.
Tala stepped out of the Library of Mystia, attempting to keep track of her new pet, a young wolf pup that had just been weaned a few days ago. What in the world does Master think I can do with this little guy? I can barely feed Flame as it is. She thought to herself, glancing to her devoted Ailura, who was keeping a watchful eye on the pup. Shaking her head she turned to bow her head to her master before leaving. "I'll be around soon Master, with the new books and scrolls you have asked for."

Master Towa Pi smiled at the young dragon before him, feeling her irritation at the young wolf pup he had gifted her with. "Take your time young Tala, do not rush for those, as you are still young and should enjoy the world to the fullest." He snagged the young wolf pup as it attempted to dash past him back into the building, careful not to harm the creature that could easily be forgotten in his mouth. Walking up to Tala, he set the pup into one of the baskets strapped to her back. "There, now that'll give you some peace, at least until you must stop to let the pup run around. Oh, and don't forget to drop by Baldwin the Pearlcatcher Alchemist to see if he would like his recipes saved at our library."

Tala nodded, then did a very birdlike chip, watching as Flame went from a lazy pose, to leaping onto his perch in the front most basket. "Thank you Master, and I'll make sure to find Baldwin to see if I can get scrolls and books from him." She nodded and leaped into the air, flapping her wings hard to gain altitude. Below her air whipped around, causing a great bit of wind, nearly ripping the Library Flag from its pole.

Master Towa Pi merely shook his head at his apprentice and walked back into the building, finding his room of studying, though his tail hung out a great deal, causing people to have to find another way to their destination.
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Francine looked up, wondering what happened. Too quiet. She saw Baldwin making his way down the stairs with difficulty.

"Here." She offered an arm, as the pearlcatcher nearly stumbled. He chuckled, and leaned on her, not for support but to prove a point. "Look, I'm too large for you." He pointed out, nudging her gently. "Come on." He trotted down to greet their visitor.

And frowned. "Eh?"

Francine patted his arm, and walked over to Arti, craning her neck a bit. Balwin peered at the visitor.

"Ah, greetings! What brings you here today?"

Arti smiled, "Ah! Baldwin! I'm afraid my Mistress requires your services this fine day! Terribly sorry for interrupting your conversation!" He then unlatches the satchel that hung around his body and pulled out a few almost random items.
Baldwin tottered over to Arti. "I'll see what I can do with these. Fran, dearie, do you mind preparing my cauldron?"

Francine walked over to said cauldron, peering into the bottom. "You... kind of didn't empty it the last time."

"Ah, no, goodness!" Baldwin turned back to the Phoenix. "Sorry about that. So, what did your Mistress need again?"

"How did we mess that up?" Clyde screamed in fury at the cowering Ailura.

"I... I don't know." Currently, Blinky was at a loss. His brother was in his arms, shirt already soaked through with his tears. Delilah looked at him with pity.

"Ugh!" Clyde threw his arms up. "That's the last time I rely on hired help. Come here, Delilah, we should set into motion our backup plan before Blair figures us out." Pinky blinked, before casting him a shrewd glance. She then transformed, flying to land on his arm.

"Wait." Blinky piped up. Clyde spun on his heel, irate. "What?"

"I'll... I'll go with you two. There's nothing for me here."

"That's the spirit!" Delilah chirped.

Arti smiled. "Well, she has gotten back into her exploring faze, again, so she trusts you guys to come up with something! Would you need any help? I would be happy to lend my services if you two need them!" He chirps happily and looks between the two. He ruffles his blue feathers.

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