The Eight Kingdoms
Arti smiles to himself and makes his way out of the store, knowing that Baldwin never would let him (Or his Mistress) down. He flew up a bit and went towards the market, a large black dragon following him.

Keilala sighed at her sister fleeting figure as she chased after a familiar figure. 'I wonder how she is going to fair in taking on mom and Dad's duties. I'd rather not think about it... To be honest...' She thinks to herself and she walks after her sister, wondering if Fallen is home or if she is exploring. Keilala sighed as she passed by a busy shop, knowing someone would spot her and know that she was a royal would ask if she needed any help. She didn't she could take care of herself. You know, she is the one her father went to for battle strategies.... Why must everyone treat me like a princess...
Somewhere nearby a young lad was observing the scene, sitting on a horse of a fearsome kind. His face was mostly expressionless with a tinge of contempt. He descended from the Nightmare after a few seconds.
"Follow these dragons. You must stay with them until you discover their fears" - a stream of thought from the lad told the creature. The horse-like being turned invisible immediately.
A few minutes later the lad was exploring the marketplace. A few visitors found it odd that the horse he was sitting on turned to thin air. Only a few became alarmed on the sight of the white-cloaked man. A white cloak with a hood... short, black hair like to a common weed... it's no else than Mabo, the feared dragon hunter.
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