The Eight Kingdoms(OOC and Aplications)~~ACCEPTING~~
Oh, sure thing! Feel free to join whenever you'd like!
Alrighty, thanks so much!

Character Name: Brilla "Brite" Rain
Age: 94 years old
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual(she has a big thing for kitchen ware, I've no idea why)I'm sorry that's a terrible joke
Species: Dragon
[Image: arcusalt.png]
Personality: She is very cold and harsh; quick to judge others. She's sarcastic and quick to snap(with words and with fangs) at anyone she disagrees with. (I'd like to develop her more during rp, sorry that this isn't very in-depth)
Class and Place in Class: High Class, Noble of Sunania Glaciara
Pet(s) :Motley "Glue"/ Isiah "Rice"
Other:Dragons Forever!

Username: leftover-rice
Character Name: Farnsi
Age: 42 years
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Shimmerling
[Image: FsGBYP.gif]
Personality: She is an excited young Shimmerling, who is eager to explore and learn more about the world and the creatures that inhabit it. She loves her job, as it gives her the chance to go new places and see new things.
Class and Place in Class:Middle Class, Messenger

Character Name: Motley "Glue"
Age: ??? He's just a young adult Ailura (he's got about 105 clicks, so I guess that old??)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual(but prefers the ladies)
Species: Ailura
[Image: Ghe5Qz.gif]
Personality: He is extremely loyal, as most Ailura are, and is extremely kind to his master. She is also kind to him, and seems to have some sort of soft-spot for the Ailura(unlike her usual distaste for anything breathing). He never leaves her side, and she has often teased him saying he "sticks to her like glue", hence his little nickname.(I want to develop all my characters more, honestly)
Class and Place in Class: Low? High? Middle? Who knows. He's a pet/guard thing so I guess lower.

Character Name: Isiah "Rice" or "Ricey-butt"(because I'm self-indulgent)
Age: Idk, 100 clicks I guess
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual(though it's not very obvious, and he's very closeted about it)
Species: Ailura
Appearance:(we are pretending this is not a female Ailura)
[Image: Oqj11B.gif]
Personality: He is not very loyal to his master, in fact, he barely listens to her most of the time. Instead, he takes his orders from Motley, and will do anything the other has set out to do. He is very reserved, and is not very sociable, preferring to just watch others from a distance.
Class and Place in Class:Lower class(I guess), Guardian/Pet
Update: I have added some information in the 'Creatures' sub-category in the 'Important Info' section in the thread post. Please read it!
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has anything important happened that i need to know about...or is it safe to just jump in......(though it may be a week before I do >.<)

"When wild, they can be brought in at any time by any role players as long as it is in their own habitat (look in their Creature Journals and match their habitats to the placement of the kingdoms described on the post made by me on the bottom of page 3)"

It might just be because im tired but...what.....I do not understand... .-.
@Snowy You can just jump in at any time.
Now, here's an explanation of that part:
On the very bottom of page three of this thread, there is a post telling where the kingdoms are in relation to the old Ostlea map in the non fiction section. You use that to figure out where the habitats from the Creature Journals are in the world this role play takes place. The wild creatures can be controlled by any person in the rp that is in the group it will effect, even if they were not the one to bring the creature into the role play.

@leftover-rice You have been accepted. Have fun role playing!
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I have this interesting idea of wreaking havoc, so here's my application:
[Image: Oaudzu.gif][Image: gjfGHB.gif][Image: N4q6BH.gif][Image: 51HNlu.gif][Image: mFlraL.gif][Image: PK7onK.gif][Image: d8CVif.gif][Image: jaxd55.gif][Image: rHxX54.gif][Image: 1l4C8q.gif][Image: lvtsXO.gif]
Oh my, squeak! Sorry it took so long, but you're accepted!
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