New Discovery! [June 20, 2016]
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A new discovery has been made in the world of Ostlea! 
Storm Herald eggs have officially left the Menagerie until next spring, this beautiful new egg can be found in their place! This creature will be available all summer long- from now until September 21st 11:59 by the site's clock.

[Image: a235485172329308e922c6cfdcd68502.png]
“This prickly egg turns a vivid green when you hold it out in the sunlight.”
This creature CAN be fed.

Remember to thank Infinis and xxBurningxx for the new creature!
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Woop woop! Can't wait to see this majestic beast ouo


... Hot wow. I LAV IT :O

Gryffi edit: Added spoiler tags. Please either use spoiler tags or post a link if you're showing off a new release, some people like to be surprised. :3
Happy Summer~
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Ayyyy, happy summer everyone! *dies of heatstroke*
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Happy summer everyone!
Happy Summer everyone =D
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Neat! :0
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Happy Summer everyone!
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This egg looks awesome!
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This is interesting, Happy summer time in the hot sun
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