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Leveling 468h5l

Name: Unnamed
Gender: Female
Species: Loong Noodle
Element: Air
Clicks: 155
Obtained on: 2019-04-03
Obtained from: Menagerie
Owner: SyldraKunimi
Progeny: None
Lineage: Lair born
Breeding Class: Micro
Last Bred: Never

Loong Noodles are a tiny species of eastern dragon that infest windmills and noodle storages, for its primary diet consists of pasta and flour. Through evolution, their serpentine bodies have developed to be incredibly reminiscent of noodles so as to blend in, while their antlers are of a similar color to tomato sauce; this makes them difficult to spot in the canteens they are so fond of. Playful and eccentric, in captivity these little dragons cannot resist taking off and diving into any fresh plate of pasta prepared in the nearby vicinity, burying themselves in the dish. Owners of these silly pasta freaks have to be particularly careful when preparing pasta-based meals, not only because the creature will no doubt be nibbling on the noodles, but most of all because they are so difficult to tell apart from the pasta itself, meaning that they can be easily missed and eaten alive. The only indicator that may save them is their slightly thicker bodies than the average noodle, as well as their antlers, though those are hardly helpful in the presence of tomato sauce!

The vast land of Ostlea is home to creatures of all species, each with their own unique characteristics, some magical and rare, others so common they are sometimes viewed as pests in the areas they reside. To this day new species and information are still being discovered.

Concept: VixenDra
Sprites: VixenDra
Descriptions: VixenDra and xxBurningxx

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