A Heavy Word

Tales of Ostlea has gone on a hiatus, starting June 21st.

We don't know for how long - there is a chance it will be indefinite, though we sincerely hope not. Let's explain what's going on.

Tales of Ostlea is, and always has been, Gryffi's baby. It's her project, her site. When she couldn't be here anymore, it fell to the rest of staff to continue it, to keep it going. Which we did as best we could; a lot of knowledge is only in Gryffi's head though, so in some places we're left to figure it out or just leave it as is.

That's a pretty difficult way to run a site; it takes more time and effort than it would normally. We kept it going for as long as we could... but we're out of steam, really. We can't do it anymore. For our own mental health, we need to make this extremely difficult decision.

So why can't we say whether it will be indefinite? That's because it all depends on Gryffi. In the few rare times where she was able to shoot us a quick message, it was clear that she still wants to be here for Tales of Ostlea, still wants to keep it going. But she just can't be here for the site right now. So if and when Gryffi returns, so will Tales of Ostlea.

Your creatures won't be going anywhere; they'll still exist in the database, which will be safely backed up while it's offline. They'll be right back along with the site if/when it returns.

The discord server will remain open. It will be changed into a place to just talk about any and all pet sites, so feel free to join! Discord link

We thank you for all your support throughout the years. It has made us so happy to see you all enjoying our precious site, which we've all put so much love into. We look forward to seeing you again when Gryffi is back!

Love and gratitude,
ToO Staff