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Leveling Bone Peach

Name: Bone Peach
Gender: Female
Species: Hellaios
Element: Earth
Clicks: 95
Obtained on: 2018-10-25
Obtained from: Breeding
Owner: VixenDra
Mother: Aragoto
Father: Stray God
Progeny: None
Lineage: View Lineage
Breeding Class: Large
Last Bred: Never

It's grown significantly larger, and a bit scarier in appearance, but is still just as friendly. You sometimes worry it's not getting enough to eat, for no matter how many acorns, roots, and pilfered baked goods it scarfs down, it just keeps getting more and more gaunt!

The vast land of Ostlea is home to creatures of all species, each with their own unique characteristics, some magical and rare, others so common they are sometimes viewed as pests in the areas they reside. To this day new species and information are still being discovered.

Amphyrre & Spatio

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