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Leveling vrhu2I

Name: Unnamed
Gender: Female
Species: Clover Nathair
Element: Earth
Clicks: 158
Obtained on: 2019-04-03
Obtained from: Menagerie
Owner: SyldraKunimi
Progeny: None
Lineage: Lair born
Breeding Class: Micro
Last Bred: Never

Clover Nathairs are elusive snakes generally associated with good luck, a sentiment that carries all throughout Ostlea, even among the most differing cultures and communities. These herbivorous reptiles are very docile and amicable, making them charming pets and creatures for less experienced tamers—if one can stumble across one of these seemingly non-existent snakes, that is. Just being in the company of a Clover Nathair is said to bring serendipitous fortune, and it's not just a rumor either; the golden stripe that adorns their back is laced with magic that attracts positive energy, naturally bringing ideal fortuity to those around it.

The vast land of Ostlea is home to creatures of all species, each with their own unique characteristics, some magical and rare, others so common they are sometimes viewed as pests in the areas they reside. To this day new species and information are still being discovered.

Concept: ZioCorvid
Sprites: ZioCorvid
Descriptions: xxBurningxx

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