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Main Library

While exploring the castle ruins you stumble upon a small passageway. Oddly, it doesn't appear to have been touched by time or weather. Inside you discover a huge library filled with scrolls, tomes, and books of all kinds in near perfect condition. Most seem to detail the history of Ostlea, as well as its creatures and legends, though, a few describe the art of magic and summoning. As you look around a small desk catches your eye. Perhaps you should have a seat and read through some of these mysterious texts...

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Creature Studies
Several bookcases filled with a large collection of hand-written journals catch your eye as you enter the room, looking closer you see the name of each Ostlean creature written on the spines. There's no doubt in your mind this is the place to go to learn more about the mystical beings populating the land.
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Magical Studies and Guides
Near the library entrance you notice a small selection of books, they seem to be giving off a strange aura. Taking a peek at the spines you discover these are the instructions for creating some of the more taboo things you've only heard rumors of.
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Towards the back of the library, you spot a sign stating simply "Non-Fiction". The shelf is filled with scrolls, maps, and tomes that appear to detail Ostlean history as well as daily life. You make a mental note to visit this section should you find yourself lost in this magical world.
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To the left of the Non-Fiction section, you once again notice a sign, this time labeled "Fiction". Colorful books line the shelves on this bookcase, it might be worth taking a look if you find yourself with some spare time.
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