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JinxVIII's Lair

Nickname: Valid
Gender: Female
Favorite Color: Purple
Bio: I am a writer for the site but feel free to ask me about anything you need help with. Many know me as Valid from Dragon Cave or Flight Rising and only Gryffi is allowed to call me Boo :P
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Author aspires to share her writing with the world. Living in her office space, surrounded by pencils and papers and a computer cluttered with projects, she puts her heart and soul into her stories.

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Image Gender Name Type Level Clicks

BbIqXpLava Dink226

IAAZsQLava Dink223

2vfGhlSkeleton Rat229

OuPPvvSkeleton Longma225

542ntgSkeleton Creptys Dragon223

7yFv6jSkeleton Clover Nathair222

jw6twoSkeleton Ailura224

42vCAQShelled Toumin227

Ttju3cShelled Toumin227

2uaPzEShelled Toumin224

WDWaQIAvari Dragon562

awF3fjAvari Dragon557


vHS4UvRoyal-Winged Ray563

Kp7ZodWill o the Wisp564

1RvAqfShelled Toumin562

G8wl6uShelled Spider560

25RvKMShelled Tortoise560

pjgcJrShelled Spook559


pwOiGLSoot-backed Lindwurm564




9ZhoywHellspawn Jelly561



hldzJkShelled Toumin671

UOzob6Shelled Spider667

vWEO93Shelled Tortoise666

Qb8i2SShelled Spook665

oh79hXWhite Spector Wolf667

IRbNzgAntlered Cervicus665

5UaoxFMoss-Backed Rabbit669

wlpWcKJorunna Levari666

FYbwFvGreat Red Drasces668

9ln39uJorunna Levari666


gBjRqcClover Nathair697

vg3b4MClover Nathair697

vJXfVSAzure Avari Dragon671

WYF7PGCrimson Avari Dragon668

MVGkzyCrimson Avari Dragon672

6k7Qw8Crimson Avari Dragon673

QtengZLava Dink674

Cci9UcLava Dink670

KBctJHVexatious Gryphon672

M8HRfTAzure Avari Dragon668

29TZKLStriatos Anghirro Fish668

59y4nBTeal Avari Dragon666

g4WcvlCeladon Avari Dragon671

bbWScaLava Dink672

LtKQlaVexatious Gryphon676

aa9UpHAsh Rat672

g7HLbrAzure Avari Dragon675

Mc3CyVLava Dink673

rx1ymcAzure Avari Dragon672

pjxfLsCeladon Avari Dragon674

I7itDATeal Avari Dragon674

swprCsTeal Avari Dragon670

OtHwUaCeladon Avari Dragon679

eXrVEPAzure Avari Dragon673

Jfh1jCAzure Avari Dragon670

fSLvqQVexatious Gryphon671

8GzcIkAsh Rat672


YOGzm2Magma Moray7100