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JinxVIII's Lair

Nickname: Valid
Gender: Female
Favorite Color: Purple
Bio: I am a writer for the site but feel free to ask me about anything you need help with. Many know me as Valid from Dragon Cave or Flight Rising and only Gryffi is allowed to call me Boo :P
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Author aspires to share her writing with the world. Living in her office space, surrounded by pencils and papers and a computer cluttered with projects, she puts her heart and soul into her stories.

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Jinxy Gryffi JuniorPinecone01572




pE8l6DJungle Maix Gryphon117

1ZwoJ2Coffee Dragon113



RAqe44Solsynth Dragon115

3GzomLSolsynth Dragon117

g6qW3BSolsynth Dragon114

kwKBqdSolsynth Dragon114

mcQYV1Solsynth Dragon115

For HaloBlu Maix Gryphon*7140

k9bYd1Irish Coffee Dragon*7118

iByFsgIrish Coffee Dragon*7119