Thu, 04/06/2020 - 06:47 PM

dustpuppy's Lair

Nickname: dustpuppy
Gender: Otter
Favorite Color: Octarine
Bio: I'm not really an otter. Shh, don't tell anyone.
Pet Spotlight

This is Princess Burning Star. Her dark scales soak up so much of the sun's energy that she remains active deep into the night.

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Image Gender Name Type Level Clicks

k17KKWShelled Toumin223

HCx3LXShelled Toumin222

KEVN7EShelled Tortoise220

w8Hk8ZShelled Toumin223

lNTDnPShelled Toumin224

S3Z3PdShelled Toumin330

Cavern Maix Gryphon670

Cavern Maix Gryphon677

NEfSSVSilver Longma7102

JUhj7bMoss-Backed Rabbit7103

uICxEcMoss-Backed Rabbit7102

az6b5rGemswallow Snake7104

IvOfL3Gemswallow Snake7103

L3MoktGlacial Ailura7101

j576UOTeal Avari Dragon7101

OdSt4gCavern Maix Gryphon7100

jkSUnKAzure Avari Dragon7100

FallenSnow IlexGlacial Ailura7100

MIPfeKBlue Will o the Wisp7102

2AHuvHCopper Longma7103


lJ5gDaSpring Frost Dragon7105

MdxyHvSpring Frost Dragon7104

OzFJ5qSpring Frost Dragon7102

1PHDiLSpring Frost Dragon7105

2IFApdSpring Frost Dragon7107

DerpinaShelled Toumin7101

DerpShelled Toumin7101

1zfk6bMalachite Gemeater Bat7102