Grynn's Fairy Tales is Recruiting
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As some of you may already be aware if you keep up with things on we're looking for some new recruits to work on our various projects! I've detailed the type of people we're looking for below if you're interested feel free to either contact me here on ToO or email us at!

Tales of Ostlea: We're currently in need of a writer or two as well as a digital artist that would be interested in helping out with quests and other future events. If you'd like to apply please send us some samples of your writing and/or art.

Mysgardia: One of the newest additions to the Grynn's family is in need of some help, since it's takeover we've been working on our plans for a sort of site re-launch and we're looking for artists and a writer or two who might be interested in helping us bring our plans to life!

Pureblood Muggle: Currently, Pureblood Muggle is looking for a card artist we'd like to take on someone who could match or at least compliment the style of the current cards as seen below.
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In addition to looking for a new artist, our applications to become a Role Playing moderator is also still open! Please be sure you'll have the time to dedicate to this if you do apply.

Grynn's Fairy Tales: Grynn’s Fairy Tales is looking for a Shirt Artist to work on shirts (and other items) for Grynn’s Fairy Tales and its sites, to be sold on our Spreadshirt shop, this position DOES pay royalties if you'd like to see more details read the article here.

Please remember to including writing and/or art samples in your message as well as which position you're interested in!
Thanks, everyone!
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Feel free to contact me with any problems or just to chat :3 just be sure to let me know who you are!

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