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Leveling 5ZgCtO

Name: Unnamed
Gender: Male
Species: Winter Spinethroat Dragon
Element: Ice
Clicks: 120
Obtained on: 2021-03-20
Obtained from: Elegema Forest
Owner: Junee
Progeny: None
Lineage: Lair born
Breeding Class: Medium
Last Bred: Never

Similar to the mountainous regions they are commonly found living in, the pelt and feathers of a Spinethroat are bright and warm during the sunny days of Summer and lush vegetation. Come Winter, when the mountains look less vibrant, colder and stoney, so too does this breed of dragon. They are adaptable creatures, built for the treacherous terrain they live in. Instinct and natural camouflage make them a dangerous adversary should you encounter a Spinethroat in its territory.

The vast land of Ostlea is home to creatures of all species, each with their own unique characteristics, some magical and rare, others so common they are sometimes viewed as pests in the areas they reside. To this day new species and information are still being discovered.

Concept: Infinis
Sketches: Infinis
Sprites: Infinis
Descriptions: JinxVIII

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