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Leveling YeCapb

Name: Unnamed
Gender: Female
Species: Banossum
Element: Non-magical
Clicks: 115
Obtained on: 2021-03-20
Obtained from: Lyzta's Jungle
Owner: Junee
Progeny: None
Lineage: Lair born
Breeding Class: Micro
Last Bred: Never

Banossums are pesky scavengers and scoundrels all at once. With a predilection for rummaging through trash and scuffing up personal property, many Ostleans find this odd species of opossum to be a bothersome pest; especially when they discover one of these marsupials ransacking their pantry. In particular, Banossums sport an insatiable sweet tooth and predominantly target fruits and other natural sugars in their quests to devour. Despite its peculiar coloration, their distinctive pelts don't seem to affect their ability to waltz around without worry. In fact, Banossums rarely need to deploy a faux death tactic to evade predators, as the high concentration of fruits they consume yields a peculiar taste to their bloodstream, which, while rarely lethal often renders the consumer stunned and revolted. They are surprisingly easy to domesticate and befriend with simple offerings of food.

The vast land of Ostlea is home to creatures of all species, each with their own unique characteristics, some magical and rare, others so common they are sometimes viewed as pests in the areas they reside. To this day new species and information are still being discovered.

Concept: Gryffi & xxBurningxx
Sketches: xxBurningxx
Sprites: xxBurningxx
Descriptions: xxBurningxx

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